The EU are not our friends

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The rudeness of EU leaders in Salzburg is no surprise.

At an earlier EU meeting some weeks ago those same leaders snubbed Mrs May by leaving her in the middle of a meeting room, standing in small groups with their backs to her.

Although this is deplorable behaviour, it is really not so important.

What is important is to realise that the EU are not our friends.

Many companies or their factories have been encouraged to leave the UK and relocate in EU countries, often with the help of EU grants or other state help.

A few examples: Hoover Merthyr moved from Wales to Czech Republic.

Crown Closures (was Metal Box) moved from Bournemouth to Poland with loss of 1200 jobs.

Cadbury’s moved factory to Poland with EU grant. Jaguar Land Rover have recently agreed to build a new plant in Slovakia – again with EU grant.

The British Army’s new Ajax Fighting Vehicle is to be built in Spain with Swedish steel.

The EU Commission is ever ready to assist any company or organisation to move their operation to an EU country.

Rail, bus, water and energy companies are largely owned by European businesses. Other countries, notably France and Germany largely protect their strategic interests - while we do not.

These are but a few examples, there are many more.

Most of us love Europe and Europeans - but their leaders and the Commission are not our friends.

MJ Murphy,

Cade Street, Heathfield