Time for remainers to stop putting project at risk

I’m getting writer’s cramp from continually responding to those who clearly won’t accept the referendum result.

Witness the ridiculous and demeaning Baron Brexit satire (Sussex Express 30 th March) in which, paradoxically, our patron saint apparently was on the remain side. What? How do they work that out! Witness Alan Whittaker’s absurd attempt (Sussex Express 30 th March) to undermine the value of the referendum by suggesting incorrectly that only a minority voted to leave and that leave voters are ‘economic illiterates’ – another example of playing the man and not the ball. Mr Whittaker and others continually cite one-sided and hence inaccurate arguments in favour of their cause. For example, the £350 million a week saved which might well be redirected to the NHS (we’ll have to wait and see but already the Prime Minister and Chancellor have committed considerable new funding ‘on account’ for when these monies become available). Another example is the decision of Pfizer to relocate….but that decision was taken in 2011, Mr Whittaker. Examples of distorted facts are endless in this and other ‘remain’ articles and letters.

The fact of the matter is that the referendum result is not reversible. Any suggestion

of irregularities on the part of ‘leave’ are far outweighed by ‘remain’ bending the

rules. Just look at the remain slogan ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’. Distortion from the

start as the referendum was not about leaving Europe but about leaving the EU

because of its appalling management by the unelected Commission. We’re not leaving Europe. The assertion of Michael Rider (Sussex Express 30 th March) that Brexit will reduce co-operation between the UK and EU 27 on security and defence overstates the EU contribution and ignores the USA, UK and NATO. Having decided to leave, any second referendum could only require the electorate to choose between the two leave options - accept or reject the final deal. The default position if the deal is rejected would be to leave under WTO rules and leave the EU nonetheless. Time for the remainers to get real and to stop putting the project at risk.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham

Chyngton way