Unfair criticism of our MP

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With great respect to John Fisher and others whom have made contributions over the last year or so to, The Sussex Express, concerning the Brexit exit from the EU, perhaps contributors in future I would ask, not to confuse or obfuscate their articles offered for publication, inasmuch as confusing the Referendum of 2016, with that of a vote in a general or local election.

It is apparent that this has happened in Lewes, with our MP, Maria Caulfield receiving unjust and unfair criticism, my belief is our MP is doing a fine job for the constiuents of Lewes since the last general election, in contrast opinions in last weeks Express suggested that because the Lewes area voted to stay in the EU at the 2016 June Referendum, our MP’s opinion doesn’t count or indeed her vote! or personal view, and that because locally Lewes voted to remain in the EU, our MP’s position should be to back that view of the, anti -democratic remain revolt, in favour of the national result and the views of 17.4 million people.

The referendum was a one off vote in which the government of the day would fully implement the will of the people in consideration of which ever way they voted, to accept the order by the people to it’s government or future government, remainers have since tried legally and illegally to overturn a national democratic vote and to subvert the will of the people whom lawfully voted to leave the EU, and furthermore to frustrate the government of the day by deceit, deception and false news to delay it’s implementation.

Perhaps those among us that wish to subvert democracy by bemoaning our leaving of the EU, should by now accept the referendum result that we are indeed leaving on the 29th of March 2019, with or without you whom denounce the democratic result and process. Your passions and arguments were fully scrutinised by the voting public prior to the referendum, however the electorate did not by majority accept the case for remaining in the EU, perhaps our PM at the time David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne overstated the case of an apocalyptic future outside the EU that the public did not buy, and in hindsight were clearly right in their assumption to date, given the strength of the economy and the record numbers of people in employment, the loss for remainers to this day was possibly more painful as it was in many peoples eyes, self inflicted .

In closing, our country of all the religions, and as we align ourselves to political parties whom best serve our political beliefs, we must remember, Lewes brought democracy to the many not the few all over our world, and our vote is the most powerful tool we have to achieve democracy, by the people, for the people, your vote guarantees your place in society, we must accept election and referendum results as final, or at least until the next general election before we cast again our democratic right.

Mr R Moore,

King Henry’s Road, Lewes