Vandalised by a couple of anti-Brexit stickers?

Maria Caulfield MP SUS-190201-105101001
Maria Caulfield MP SUS-190201-105101001

‘MP’s office targeted with Ban Brexit stickers’ was your website headline, as Maria Caulfield claimed her office was vandalised!

She does like to over-dramatise doesn’t she? How come she hasn’t shown us the extent of this vandalism considering she says it is on CCTV? Is it because two 7x4cm stickers don’t live up to the claim of vandalism?

Her Government is totally ‘vandalising’ this country with Brexit. Perhaps she would like to explain why she is going against the ‘will of the people’ in her constituency by her support of Brexit.

Her seven months pregnant assistant was apparently disturbed by the stickers. Someone better tell her that stickers are a small child’s favourite thing, better get over her aversion quickly.

J. Ballington

Elphick Road