When it comes to new-builds the old boy network is alive and well

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I do not know if you are aware of planning application no: WD/2018/1533/RM under which 22 Keld Drive, a perfectly nice, in keeping, and attractive house, is to be demolished in order that four to seven dwellings be built behind it on a piece of land that nearby residents know regularly floods and that is a haven for wildlife.

It also contains many interesting trees which will be cut down during proposed building works.

The residents of Keld Drive have fought long and hard against this over-development for many and varied reasons which we have put to the planning authorities but they have totally ignored the impact this will have on the road.

The main impact will be on the family who live at number 23 Keld Drive as their house sits low to the road in front and their eye level in the kitchen will be at wheel level of cars entering the very narrow access.

I feel that this planning application is unnecessary and will only cause flooding issues elsewhere for example the Olives Meadow area. After all, there are 1,000 new houses being built just up the road in Ridgewood in an open field site.

I believe the ‘old boy network’ of Uckfield has played a part in this scheme because surely it would never have stood a chance otherwise.

A meeting is to be held regarding this matter on April 4 at 10.30am in Hailsham, and as most people concerned work, no doubt will be poorly attended, not to mention the short notice of the event.

The local planning department need to take a look at themselves and stop in-filling in ridiculous areas and granting permission for everything submitted.

Linda Carew

Keld Drive