15 TV box sets and series to keep you entertained through lockdown - from The Wire to WandaVision

There's a wealth of brilliant TV to catch up on from the comfort of your sofa, from classics of yesteryear to modern day Marvel(s) (Photos: Disney/BBC/Netflix)There's a wealth of brilliant TV to catch up on from the comfort of your sofa, from classics of yesteryear to modern day Marvel(s) (Photos: Disney/BBC/Netflix)
There's a wealth of brilliant TV to catch up on from the comfort of your sofa, from classics of yesteryear to modern day Marvel(s) (Photos: Disney/BBC/Netflix)

If it feels like 2021 has got off to a slow start, that’s because it has.

All of us across the UK are living under some form of lockdown restrictions attempting to keep Covid-19 in check, and with many of us consigned to our homes, we’ve got much more time on our hands than we did this time last year.

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But never fear, thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are plenty of televisual delights to keep you entertained no matter how long lockdown drags on for.

We’ve compiled some of the best, from broadcasting classics to recent hits, available across all of the major streaming services.

Here are 15 of the best box sets to binge through lockdown.


What is it? A surreal spin-off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring Wanda Maximoff and Vision, you don't need to be a comic book buff to enjoy this series, which races through timely pastiches of iconic sitcoms as a bigger mystery begins to unfurl.

Where can I watch it? Disney+

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What is it? The show revolves around the dysfunctional Roy family who are battling for control of Waystar Royco - a global media and hospitality empire.

Where can I watch it?Now TV

The Sopranos

What is it? Another classic, The Sopranos essentially laid the groundwork for the kind of long-form television series we see so often these days, and cemented HBO as the place to catch cinematic drama on the small screen.

Where can I watch it? Now TV


What is it? A continuation of the Coen Brothers’ classic crime thriller – though you don’t have to have seen that to jump into the new series, as it features all new characters and scenarios.

Where can I watch it? Netflix

The Wire

What is it? Award-winning crime drama following the often-futile efforts of police to infiltrate a West Baltimore drug ring, and often in the conversation when discussing the best TV shows of all time.

Where can I watch it? Now TV

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Grey’s Anatomy

What is it? Meredith Grey is a brilliant first year surgical trainee at Seattle’s Grace Hospital, and together with her fellow residents-in-training, must navigate her way through the daily traumas of life inside the hospital.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime Video

Modern Family

What is it? This Emmy-winning sitcom follows Jay Pritchett and his eclectic family as they deal with the challenges of contemporary life in Los Angeles.

Where can I watch it? Netflix


What is it? Emmy-winning dark sci-fi epic Westworld stars Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris in a technologically advanced Wild-West-themed amusement park populated by android hosts who cannot harm humans...

Where can I watch it? Now TV


What is it? Netflix’s first smash hit of 2021 (though it technically released just a few days before the end of the previous year) follows the eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family as they look for love and happiness in London high society.

Where can I watch it? Netflix

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The Expanse

What is it? This interplanetary conspiracy thriller has as much deceit and shady goings on as it does big budget sci-fi moments; sure to keep anyone gripped, even if they usually prefer more terrestrial programming.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime Video

The West Wing

What is it? The hit TV show follows a fictional democratic administration in office in The White House in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and with the backdrop of the recently departed real life administration, at times feels like a dream scenario as much as it does a nightmare.

Where can I watch it? All4

The Mandalorian

What is it? The first live action Star Wars series to grace TV, The Mandalorian has seemingly salvaged the Star Wars saga in the eyes of fans disenfranchised by Disney’s recent big-screen attempts. Must see stuff.

Where can I watch it? Disney+

The Handmaid’s Tale

What is it? Margaret Atwood's dystopian vision of the future made a huge splash when it first arrived on screens a few years ago. The following seasons didn’t secure quite as much buzz, but the show remains must-see.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime

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Family Guy

What is it? Family Guy's brash humour may not be to every taste, but if you’re a fan of Seth MacFarlane's comedy, there are 15 seasons of the animated sitcom to get into on ITV Hub.

Where can I watch it? ITV Hub

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What is it? Brooklyn Nine-Nine regularly makes appearances in Netflix’s daily list of popular streaming choices, and it’s easy to see why: the precinct comedy follows a brilliant but immature detective who must learn to follow the rules when his squad gets an exacting new captain.

Where can I watch it? Netflix

A version of this article originally appeared on our sister title, the Yorkshire Evening Post

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