Activision just teased Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - here's everything we know

(Image: Activision)(Image: Activision)
(Image: Activision)

The latest game in the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise of shooters has been officially unveiled.

Call of Duty releases a new game every year, so it's no surprise that 2020 would also see a new instalment in the long-running series.

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But by mid-August, fans usually have some idea of what to expect from the next iteration of the blockbuster gaming behemoth.

Obviously, 2020 has been a year much different from any other, and it's believed that widespread working from home protocols delayed the official reveal of the new game.

But now Activision have announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be the title of the next game.

Here's everything you need to know:

What do we know about the game?

Not a lot really.

Activision has released a two-minute 'Know Your History' teaser trailer, but despite its relatively substantial length, it contains no footage of gameplay.

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Instead, the two minutes are used to give some narrative background on the new game.

Black Ops Cold War claims to be based on real life events, and the teaser recounts the true story of Yuri Bezmenov.

Bezmenov was a Soviet Russian journalist and former KGB informant who defected to the West in 1970.

He was granted asylum in Canada by Pierre Trudeau, the father of current Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

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The trailer also references “Perseus", the code name of a Soviet spy thought to have breached US intelligence during the height of the Cold War's nuclear arms race.

What will be included in the game?

Until more information is divulged by Activision, all we can do is piece together the clues found on, the game's cryptic, teaser website.

Speculation is rife that the game will bring a brand new map to Warzone, which could outright replace that game's Verdansk location.

People are also crossing their fingers for a return of the popular 'Zombies' mode, which sees players team up to take on an unrelenting hoard of the undead in an attempt to survive for as long as possible.

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When will we find out more?

Acitivision says a full reveal of the new game is coming on Wednesday 26 August.

In the description of the teaser trailer video posted to YouTube, Activision said: "Know your history or be doomed to repeat it. Verdansk. August 26."

Call of Duty fans will know Verdansk as the fictional setting of the series' popular free-to-play Warzone battle royale mode.

That suggests details of the new game may actually come in the form of a special, in-game event in Warzone, granting players who log in at a specific time more information on Black Ops Cold War.

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When will it be released?

Again, a release date has not yet been confirmed, although presumably it will be when more details are shared on 26 August.

History suggests that the game will release sometime around October or November.

Previous entries in the series have almost always been released in that time frame, to take advantage of the pre-Christmas rush of blockbuster video games.

What platforms will Black Ops Cold War be on?

It's not yet been confirmed which consoles Black Ops Cold War will be made available for, but releases for the current gen machines - Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - seem a safe bet.

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But with next generation tech coming with the release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 later in the year, fans will be hoping for an enhanced version of the game that'll take advantage of the new consoles' more powerful tech.

These editions seem likely, though no official confirmation has yet been made.

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