Here’s why Piers Morgan may have accidentally caused Gazza’s house to be burgled

Paul Gascoigned had a medal earned during his time at Rangers stolen (Getty Images)

Former Rangers star Paul Gascoigne has appealed to burglars to return thousands of pounds worth of items, including a winners’ medal from his time at the Ibrox club.

The England international had £140,000 worth of jewellery stolen from his apartment in Dorset, while appearing in the audience at Piers Morgan’s life stories. 

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Items stolen include a watch gifted to him by his late father and a gold cigar cutter, according to the Sunday People.

Gascoigne won two Scottish Premier Divisions, a Scottish Cup and a League Cup while at Rangers, though it remains unclear which medal was swiped by thieves. 

Piers Morgan is among those appealing for the items’ return, and Gascoigne has suggested that Morgan may have inadvertently played a part in the robbery. 

How did Piers Morgan accidentally alert burglars? 

Piers Morgan was conducting an interview with ex-Wimbledon legend Vinnie Jones when he spotted Paul Gascoigne in the audience. 

The TV presenter posted a photo with the ex-Tottenham and Newcastle United star, alongside the caption: “Great to see Gazza in the Life Stories audience today, supporting his old nut-cracking mate Vinnie Jones.”

By sharing the photo it is believed that Morgan alerted burglars to Gascoigne’s empty Poole apartment.

Speaking to the Sunday people, Gascoigne explained: “When I was invited to go and support Vinnie for his Life Stories, I had to do it. I wanted to be there to support him in the same way that he’s been there for me.

“We still text and stay in touch. Apart from Vinnie Jones who I still see, I don’t actually see any of the others. When I was invited to go and support Vinnie for his Life Stories, I had to do it. I wanted to be there to support him in the same way that he’s been there for me."

What has Piers Morgan said?

Piers Morgan confirmed the news on Good Morning Britain, stating: "He was in the audience last Monday. I posted a picture of Gazza in the audience. I didn't think anything of it.

"It appears while he was sitting there and that tweet went out, police fear somebody possibly realised he wasn't at his house and saw the opportunity, which is absolutely appalling for Paul."

And not the television presenter is calling for the public to track down anyone involved in the burglary. 

Making reference to Gascoigne’s battle with alcoholism, Morgan said: "It's very sad for Paul. What kind of person does that? You know what he's been through the last few years.

He added: "If you know what kind of person has done that - I want to know who did that to Paul Gascoigne."

"Nice people right? To go into the house of a person who's gone through what he has. So if we can find them, that would be great."

Local police have said: “Enquiries are underway into the incident. No arrests have been made.”