Wanted! Kids and their dogs for a dream job at home

Snuggles on the sofa with their doggy during lockdown are among cute photos that children have been sharing in their quest for a dream job.

The youngsters are hoping to collar a golden ticket to work with their four-legged friend in the comfort of their own home.

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All the successful applicant will have to do is lounge around with their pet and test beanbags.

What’s more, the lucky duo will get their paws on a beanbag each, win matching ‘official reviewer’ uniforms to wear while working, earn £50 for each review, as well as a heap of doggy treats.

Applicants' pitch

Little wonder then that competition organisers have been flooded with more than 200 applications.

Four-year-old Kane Hope wrote: “My dog is called Pippa but I call her PipDog. She loves me the very most coz I saved her from a sad life in Belfast. We’d be the bestest for this job coz we love getting all cosy together."

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Straight-talking Heidi Speight loves snuggling with Max so much that she’ll sit in his dog bed if he’s feeling lazy. In her pitch for the post of beanbag reviewer, Heidi said: “I may be only three but I am very honest and to the point: if I like something I will tell, and if I don’t, well, you will know about it.”

Dog dancing

Polly Spink has spent every night after school and at weekends with her dad training their pooch Roger who they got from a rescue centre two years ago. “Now he is a super loving, kind and genuine dog,” said Polly (11). “We are a great team, we are training to do dog dancing competitions, which needs a close bond so the dog listens to you and confides in you.”

Lilah-Mae Vincent likes nothing better than cuddling her bull mastiff puppies, Teddy and Daisy. But the little five-year-old has a big problem. Lilah-Mae said: “ We would really like to review your beanbag please as we always like to snuggle together and being bull mastiffs they take up a lot of space.”

Patrick Tonks, creative director at Great Bean Bag, said: “We know our beanbags are great, but we need a second opinion from someone that is completely unbiased. Children are brutally honest and dogs know what is comfy and what isn’t, so they are the perfect match.”

The deadline  is May 31, 2020.