Mother’s Day flowers UK 2023: where to order for delivery

The best flowers to have delivered to make mum’s day this Mother’s DayThe best flowers to have delivered to make mum’s day this Mother’s Day
The best flowers to have delivered to make mum’s day this Mother’s Day | The best flowers to have delivered to make mum’s day this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is March 19 - send her one of these gorgeous bouquets (including next day and eco-friendly options) from trusted florists like Bloom & Wild, Interflora and M&S to show her you care

Mother’s Day this year falls on 19 March, which is fast approaching. And while if you’re lucky enough to live in close proximity to your mother, you will likely wish to formulate a lovely in-person celebration, a bouquet of flowers is an ideal gift if you are further flung or even as a precursor to taking your Mum out for a good time. (If you live with your mother, may we suggest the tradition of a long lie-in, breakfast in bed, and a bunch of flowers has stood the test of time for a good reason?)

The options for flowers you can order online are wide and a little overwhelming - but don’t fear, we’re here to advise the best of the bunch (ahem). From inexpensive options, to flashy, maximalist delights, demure and tradition to ecofriendly, these are the bouquets that truly stand out from reputable UK brands - including next-day delivery options.

The official flower of Mother’s Day

We think there’s a perfect bouquet for every mother, depending on their tastes, but if you love to cleave to tradition, then carnations have long been associated with Mother’s Day. There is a story - yes, apocraphyl, but still pretty - of pink carnations sprouting from the Virgin Mary’s tears over the death of Jesus. While that’s a curious reason to select a specific bloom, carnations are gorgeous and make a lovely choice.

Prefer some luscious roses, or the elegance of orchids? The cheerful spray of baby’s breath, or something more herbaceous? Read on - we have it covered.

The Sunniva

Bloom and Wild are our go-to for floral deliviries, for a simple reason - their flowers are gorgeous. They’re fancier than a supermarket bouquet, which is ideal for making a mother feel pampered, and they arrive in bud, which means if you give them a mere second’s care they’ll last for up to four weeks (I have never encountered a supermarket bouquet that lasts more than two or three days).

Mother’s Day always falls three weeks before Easter in the UK, meaning it hints at spring - and this bold, declarative bunch will bring it into her house early. With 29 stems including cheering sunflowers and colourful roses, The Sunniva is ideal if you’re after a show-stopping bouquet to transform her living room into a floral haven.

Marks and Spencer’s Thinking of You Rose

Good ol’ M&S hit the mark again if you want to offer something sustainable for your mother - this is a potted rose, so there’s no moment where your mum has to throw out desultory, wilted flowers down the line. Instead, she can tend this little bushel to full bloom.

Not for all mums - if she doesn’t have green thumbs, stick to something already flowering - but this is a great option if you want to gift her something that will last.

Arena Flowers

Lilies are an elegant, sophisiticated choice - they look spectacular. Better yet, they symbolise love, admiration, compassion and femininity - ideal for a beloved mum. These lilies come replete with that gorgeous scent, a bright, beautiful bouquet of raspberry blooms to cheer any room.

Pollen free - ideal for a mum with allergies, or if you have pets in the house, with next-day delivery if you order before 9pm.

Vase comes separately.

Moyses Stevens

Moyses always offers reliable flowers, and this so-called ‘purple paradise’ is no exception - deeply coloured purple hydrangeas and hot pink roses make a fabulous statement. But we love these in particular for how customisable they are - you can plump for regular, large or deluxe, and pop in thoughtful extras such as chocolate, a vase - even a lush bottle of champagne. With same day deliveries within London or next day delivery across the rest of the UK.

Bloom and Wild The Little Bright Blooms

We’ve already sung the praises of Bloom and Wild for their excellent selection and long-lasting flowers, but we want to call attention to these as an option that is more affordable than the Sunniva, and also arrive in letterbox-friendly form - perfect if you don’t know when Mum is going to be home.

It comes with flower-arranging tips and food to keep them fresh. Order before 10pm and they will arrive next day, Royal Mail tracked with free delivery. They’re dead cute, too.

Luxury Mother’s Day Bright Bouquet - Interflora

We’ve never had a bad experience with Interflora, who utilise local florists across the UK to create and send out their blooms, and are reliably prompt and gorgeous. Best for mother’s day - if your mum is abroad, you can easily order flowers to be sent to a different country online, no muss, no fuss, replete with thoughtful card.

We love these - bright, beautiful, and in bud for longevity.

Appleyard Flowers

‘Purity’ is a curious name for a bunch of flowers, but if we park that concern, these are really gorgeous. If your mother likes elegance and understatement, this pale bouquet will bring her joy. In creams and whites, it has roses, baby’s breath, dainty pom pom chrysanthemums, germini, and fragrant freesia.

You can choose from a variety of delivery options - from standard delivery to guaranteed by 1PM. But please note - this isn’t a safe bouquet if you have cats or dogs padding around, thanks to the chrysanthemums.

Flower Station

Orchids are gorgeous and unique, as you well know, but they’re also pleasingly long-lasting - tend to them carefully and you’ll have a spectacular bloom for up to 45 days. These stems arrive in recycled materials with a bag of nutrients to keep them thriving, in a gorgeous glass bowl. Pricey, yes, but a proper stand-out choice.

Clare Florist Breath-taking Amethyst Bouquet

Got and Amazon Prime account, and want to keep things simple? Clare Florist is highly rated on Amazon and have prove their flower-delivering bona fides, by being in operation since 1978. With next-day delivery for orders before 5pm Monday to Friday, anywhere on the UK mainland, this is a pretty, inexpensive bunch if you don’t have much time to put your order in.

123 Flowers ‘Mother’s Love’

Aww, this is pretty. We have this particular bunch of flowers sat in our living room and every time we catch sight of it, we mutter “gosh, those are pretty flowers”.

A soft colour palate of pink and orange hues, this features Belle Roses, Sweetness Rose, Cinerea and Gypsophil. It’s a classic looking bouquet and has, impressively lasted for a week so far, which is more than we anticipated for so inexpensive a bouquet.

Great if you’re after an affordable option - order before 10pm for free, tracked next-day delivery.