DOWN MEMORY LANE: Long and curious history of 1960s Lambretta scooter

Some more information on motorcycling in Chichester has been sent to Down Memory Lane by Mark Howard of Chichester and District Scooter Club, who writes:

I was very interested by your recent article re motorcycling in Chichester, and particularly by the photograph of Bob Goodridge as I own a Lambretta scooter, registration 8377 PO, sold by Goodridge’s in 1960.

I have the original registration book which shows the first owner was a Mr Willoughby Harold Watts of 3 Malt House Cottages, Chidham, who moved to High Tide, Chidham later that year.

In 1967, the scooter was sold to a Mr William Robert Griffin of Prospect Farm, Bosham.

I came by the scooter via a friend, who I believe bought it from the now-deceased Mr Griffin’s son.

One curious detail regarding this scooter is that when restoring it, an odd rust pattern emerged that suggests it was once submerged in water, probably salt, up to about eight inches.

Maybe one of these men parked at Bosham Quay and the tide came in while he was having a pint!

Does anyone know?

I would love to see photographs of, and to know more about the history of this local vehicle, and about the two gentlemen who owned it before me.

For that matter, any information about scootering, scooter clubs or W.Goodridge Motorcycles would also be fascinating.

If you can help, please email Mr Howard at [email protected].

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