Remembrance Day 2018: Honouring Worthing's First World War fallen 100 years after Armistice Day

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day and the end of the World War One, the Herald has compiled a list of names of those servicemen from the Worthing and Lancing area who lost their lives during the Great War.

The list is taken from and features names from the Durrington, Findon, Goring, Heene, Lancing, Sompting, West Tarring, Worthing, Broadwater and Christ Church School war memorials. Some names on the Worthing war memorial are also on other memorials across the area. In this list only their Worthing war memorial listing is included. All the names on the Heene memorial appear on the Worthing memorial. Ranks are included where possible.

| Find out how Sussex is honouring the centenary of the end of the First World War, and read the list of names of the servicemen from the Shoreham, Littlehampton, Horsham, Bognor Regis, Chichester, and Midhurst and Petworth areas who lost their lives in the Great War |


Remembering our World War One fallen 100 years on from Armistice Day

LEGGETT, Private, Ernest John


SEARLE, Private F C

SANDELL, Boy 1st Class George William

Christ Church School, Worthing

BLUNDEN, Private Leonard

CHARMAN, Private Cecil George



PORTLOCK, Private Percival


BENNETT, Sergeant Ormond

BOWERS, Bombardier John Merritt

DOUGLAS, Gunner Cedric [Christian]

GOODWIN, William

HUBBARD, Gunner Arthur

KNIGHT, Private Lewis (Louis) [James]

KNIGHT, Private Stanley [Albert]

STENNING, Corporal Stephen

TULLEY, Private Simeon


ALDER, Private George

BARTLETT, Private Arthur

BOULTON, Second Alec Gordon

BRIDGER, Lance William Albert

BRIDGER, Private Wilfred Percival

CARRIER, Private Jesse

CARTER, Private Leslie

COBBY, Private Joseph

CONSTABLE, Lance Thomas

CONSTABLE, Sergeant George

CONSTABLE, Sergeant William

CONSTABLE, Lance Albert

DOUGLAS, Gunner Cedric Christian

DRURY, Private Frederick

DRURY, Private Herbert

EYEARS, Private Alfred Edward

FRANKLAND, Brevet Thomas Hugh Colville-

FRANKLAND, Captain Robert Cecil Colville-

FRASER, Captain William Allan

GURD, Private Harry John

HARDS, Sergeant Albert

HOLLINGDALE, Private Richard

HUDSON, Second Lieutenant Arthur

LANGHAM, Private Aylwin

LANGRIDGE, Lance Corporal Leslie Harold

MADGE, Lieutenant Charles Albert

MARGESSON, Major Edward Cuninghame

MARGESSON, Lance Corporal Anthony Robert

MILLS, Private Edward George

PRATT, Private Charles

PRATT, Private George

PRESTON, Lieutenant Herbert William Lawson

RUFF, Private Ernest

SHORT, Private George

TIZZARD, Private William

WOOLGAR, Able Seaman George William

WYATT, Second Lieutenant Hugh Greystone Penfold

WYATT, Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Wilfred Penfold


BENNETT, Corporal William Aaron


CLYBOUW, Corporal Reginald Mordant

DAUGHTREY, Private Percy

GARRETT, Private Arthur Hedley


LLOYD, Private Frederick Henry

MOLSON, Lieutenant Eric Elsdale

NEWMAN, Private Christopher Charles Burt

POINTING, Private Ernest A

PHILLIPS, Private Leonard

SCOTT, Lance Corporal Frederick George

STEER, Private Frederick William

SPRATT, Able Seaman Christopher Thomas

SOMERSET, Lieutenant Fitzroy Aubrey

THOMAS, Private William James


AUSTIN, Private Ernest Alfred

BARTLETT, Private Arthur Reuben Robert

BASHFORD, Sergeant Reginald

BLAKER, Rifleman Nathaniel

BLAKER, Sergeant Percy John

BURTENSHAW, Private Vernon George

BURTENSHAW, Stoker William Henry

COZENS, Corporal Herbert James

DANKS, Corporal Charles

DYKES, Private William Albert

ELBOROUGH, Captain Alfred Charles Ernest

FIELD, Sapper George

GLASSPOOL, Private Valentine

GREEN, Lance John

GREET, Rifleman Thomas Isaac Mockford

GROVER, Private Victor Henry

HILL, Gunner Frederick William

HOLDEN, Private Albert Edward

HOWARTH, Private James

KNIGHT, Acting William George

LAWRENCE, Second William George

LISHER, Guardsman Reginald

LOWER, Ordinary Henry Charles

MITCHELL, Private Robert

MONNERY, Private Harry

MONNERY, Private Stephen

MONNERY, Private William

NORRIS, Rifleman Sidney Harold

NUTLEY, Private George Albert Bernard

PAGE, Lance Corporal Frank Arthur


PRIOR, Rifleman Charles James

READ, Driver Frederick William

SCOONES, Sergeant Archibald John

SCUTT, Private Thomas William

STRUDWICK, Gunner Ernest

TEE, Private Owen Cecil

TREVETT, Private Thomas


BARNES, Driver Edwin George

BURTENSHAW, Private Percy

COLEMAN, Private George Thomas

DAVEY, Private John

FIFIELD, Private David

GROVER, Sergeant James John

GROVER, Private Thomas

KENNARD, Rifleman Frederick

KENNARD, Private Leonard Lee

KENNARD, Private Robert

LINDUP, Driver Horace

MAIDMENT, Private Francis Samuel

PULLEN-BURRY, Sergeant Cyril Arthur

PULLEN-BURRY, Private Hilary John

STRINGER, Private William Henry

STAPLETON, Private Edward

STOVELL, Stoker Petty Officer Charles William

TILLEY, Lance Corporal William

TRISTRAM, Captain, Lancelot Barrington Crofts

TRUSLER, Private William

VENTHAM, Able Seaman William

West Tarring

ANSFIELD, Wilfred Clarence

CHARMAN, Lance Corporal Samuel Ernest Mitchell

HARRIS, Gunner Leonard Thomasson

JILLETT, Private Nelson

KNIGHT, Private Stanley Albert

KNIGHT, Private Thomas James

O’REILLY, Captain, Thomas W

SAUNDERS, Private John Henry

VAUGHAN, Second Lieutenant John Muir


AIREY, Lieutenant Arthur Langton

ALLEBONE, Lance Corporal George Stephen

ALLEN, Private Reginald Charles

ALDRED, Private William Henry


ANSFIELD, Pioneer Wilfred Clarence

ANSELL, Sergeant George William


ARROL, Private Colin Archibald

AUSTIN, Private Arthur

AUSTIN, Private Frederick

AVERY, Private Harold Henry Dudley


AYLING, Private Arthur

AYLING, Rifleman John

AYLING, Sergeant Raymond Walter

AYLING, Corporal Rodwell Thomas

AYRES, Sergeant John Oswald

AZZOPARDI, Private George Henshaw

BACON, Private Reginald Stepney

BAKER, Private Albert (Bert)

BAKER, Private Albert James

BAKER, Private James


BARKER, Private Herbert George

BARNS, Private Walter Tremerne

BARNES, Driver Edwin George

BARNES, Private Percy Ayline


BASHFORD, Deck Hand Charles

BASHFORD, Private Rueben

BATCHELOR, Guardsman James May

BATCHELOR, Private Charles Leoplold

BEACHCROFT, Second Lieutenant Gerald William

BELCHEM, Lance Corporal Percy Cyril George

BELCHEM, Lieutenant Howard Matthew

BENNETT, Private Albert Edward

BENNETT, Private Edward William

BENNETT, Private Frederick Thomas

BENTALL, Private Charles Herbert

BEST, Boy 1st Class Horace Gordon

BEUTTLER, Charles Brereton Oakley

BIDDLECOMBE, Sergeant Edward George


BIGGS, Private William John

BILLETT, Private Charles

BIRD, Second Lieutenant Stanley Treadgold

BISHOP, Private John

BISHOP, Second Lieutenant Noel Frederick

BLACKMAN, Private Ernest

BLACKMAN, Private George

BLAIR, Major Geoffrey L

BLAKE, Stoker 1st Class Edward Allan Johnnie

BLAKE, Lance Corporal Henry

BLAKE, Private John George

BLAKER, Private Frank

BLAKER, Private Leonard

BLANN, Lance Corporal William Henry

BLIGHT, Private Edwin

BLOOMER, Private Arthur Kenneth

BLUNDEN, Private Ernest William

BLUNDEN, Corporal Henry Edward

BONIFACE, Private Charles William

BOORMAN, Driver George Thomas

BORANE, Driver Clarence Joseph

BOWERS, Private Archibald Francis

BOWLEY, Private Frank


BOYD-MOSS, Major Ernest W

BRACE, Lance Corporal Albert Thomas

BRACE, Lance Corporal Victor John

BRADEN, Private Albert Edward

BRADEN, Private Clarence George

BRADEN, Rifleman Cecil Victor

BRADEN, Private Frank

BRAKE, Private Frank Gilbert

BRAVERY, Lieutenant Frederick James

BRAZIER, Second Lieutenant Anthony David Cecil

BRETT, Rifleman George Albert

BRIDGER, Private Bertie Charles

BRIDGER, Sergeant Frank

BRIGGS, Private Harold Edward

BROAD, Private William Reginald

BROWN, Rifleman Albert Edward

BROWN, Lance Corporal William George

BUDD, Private Henry Arthur

BUNGARD, Private Arthur

BUNGARD, Rifleman Frederick

BUNGARD, Petty George

BUNTING, Private George Lewis

BUNTING, Private John Newman

BURCHER, Lance Corporal Frank

BURGESS, Second Lieutenant Phillip Gulson

BURDEN, Lance Corporal Cecil George Edward

BURT, Lance Corporal Cecil Ernest

BURT, Corporal Stanley William

BUSH, Rifleman Arthur

BUSH, Rifleman Montague

BUSHBY, Private Frederick

BUTCHER, Private J

BUTT, Lance Corporal Jesse Albert

CALDER, Private Frederick


CANSINO, Second Lieutenant Joshua Hairn

CAPLEN, Private George

CARDEN, Second Lieutenant Arthur Cecil Towgood

CAMPBELL, Bandsman Harry S

CARPENTER, Rifleman Carl Gorringe

CARPENTER, Lance Corporal Herbert Thomas

CARPENTER, Private John Abraham

CARPENTER, Private Percy Guy

CARTER, Sapper James William

CAWTE, Private Frederick James

CHAMBERLAIN, Warrant Telegraphist 1st Class Alfred Edward


CHAMP, Private Raymond

CHARLES, Boy 2nd Class Albert Richard John

CHARMAN, Trooper Albert Edward

CHARMAN, Leading Signalman Robert

CHARRINGTON, Private Arthur Leslie

CHEPMELL, Lieutenant John Dobree

CHEPMELL, Lieutenant William Dobree

CHILDS, Lance Corporal Thomas

CHILTON, Guardsman Wilfred

CHIPPER, Private Charles

CHOWN, Sergeant Charles Allen

CHOWNE, Private Edward

CHURCHER, Gunner Edward

CHURCHER, Private Frederick William

CLARK, Rifleman William

CLARKE, Chief Petty Officer Charles Frederick

CLARKE, Private Edwin Arthur

CLOWER, Private John Chatterton

COBBY, Private Benjamin

COBBY, Private William Richard

COLBOURNE, Lance Corporal Bernard Barton

COLBOURNE, Second Lieutenant John Leslie

COLBOURNE, Lance Corporal Sidney Moses


COLES, Private William John Thomas

COLEMAN, Private Edward

COLEMAN, Driver Frederick James

COLLINS, Private Charles H

COLLINS, Private Ernest George

COLLINS, Lance Corporal Frank Taylor

COLLINS, Private William James

COLLIER, Corporal William Edward

COMPTON, Private Charles George

COMBER, Private Bernard

COOK, Corporal Alfred L

COOK, Private John Willam Thomas

COOPER, Private Walter E

COOTE, Private Charles

CORTIS, Second Lieutenant John Halstead

COULES, Second Lieutenant Eric Allan Gifford-

COUSENS, Private Alfred Bert

COUSENS, Private Arthur John

COWELL, Corporal George Lewis

COXSON, Second Lieutenant Lawrence Frederick

COZENS, Corporal Arthur George

COZENS, Lance Corporal Ernest

CRASSWELLER, Private Ernest

CROUCH, Sergeant Allen B

CULLEN, Private Sydney Thomas

CULVERWELL, Corporal Norman

CURD, Sapper Charles Henry

DABBS, Gunner Ernest

DALE, Corporal Walter

DAMP, Lance Corporal Henry James

DAUGHTREY, Gunner William

DAVEY, Lance Corporal George William

DEADMAN, Private Joseph George

DELL, Rifleman Alfred John

DELL, Gunner Henry Joseph

DELL, Private Percy John

DENNIS, Private Alfred Orton

DENYER, Second Lieutenant Augustus Andrew

DENYER, Rifleman Herbert

DENYER, Private Albert (Bert)

DODMAN, Boy 1st Class Alfred S

DODMAN, Private Albert Richard

DREDGE, Stoker 1st Class Frederick Charles

DUFFIELD, Private Douglas Leonard

DUFFIELD, Private Frederick J

DUFFIELD, Private James Richard D

DUFFIELD, Lance Corporal Oscar Sydney

DUKE, Sergeant Alfred Bernard

DUMBLETON, Compant Sergeant Major Frederick

DUNFORD, Rifleman Percy

DURRANT, Corporal Alfred Ernest

DUTCH, Corporal Philip Stuckbery

DUTTON, Private Arthur

DYER, Private Aubrey

DYER, Corporal John Morris

DYER, Shoeing Smith William Robert

EDE, Private Frank Ernest

EDWARDS, Private F W

ELLIOTT, Pioneer Edgar Albert

ETHERINGTON, Private Jesse

ETHERTON, Lance Corporal Hugh

EVANS, Lance Sergeant Leonard Lloyd

FALLOWES, Lieutenant John Tyrell Champion

FARNDEN, Sergeant Edward Leslie

FARRELL, Private Albert Sydney

FEAST, Private James Alfred

FEEST, Private George Philip

FENNER, Captain Arthur

FENNER, Sub Lieutenant Eric Athelstan


FIELD, Driver Thomas William

FIELDER, Private George

FIGG, Private Charles James


FINCH, Private William Lionel

FISHER, Private Herbert Samuel Hartley

FITCH, Second Lieutenant Aubrey Sugden

FLEET, Corporal Arthur William

FLEET, Lance Corporal Walter

FLETCHER, Sapper George Lewis

FLETCHER, Private Harold Malcolm

FLOWERS, Private John Thomas

FOX, Private Edwin William Evans

FOYSTER, Nursing Sister Ellen Lucy

FRAMPTON, Private Wilfred John

FRANCIS, Gunner Horace Herbert

FRAZER, Captain Douglas Villiers

FRASER, Rifleman Murray Douglas

FRENCH, Corporal Ernest William

FRIGHT, Private Leonard Arthur Duncan

FULLER, Private George

GARBETT, Private Hubert Eustace King

GARDNER, Corporal Charles George

GARTON, Second Lieutenant Arthur

GASSON, Private Henry Frederick

GASSON, Lance Corporal Reginald Herbert

GATES, Private Edward Charles

GATES, Corporal Frederick George

GIBBS, Private Edgar Biggerstaff

GILBERT, Private Charles Oliver

GILES, Corporal William Percy

GILMORE, Private Reginald Edwin

GLINISTER, Lance Corporal George Edmund


GODDEN, Corporal Charles Vere

GODDEN, Lance Corporal Edgar

GOLDS, Lance Corporal Harold Louis

GOODWIN, Private Harold

GOODWIN, Rifleman Percy Edward

GODWIN, Rifleman Bernard Harold

GOODGER, Private Henry

GOWER, Private Alfred M

GRAND, Private Sydney James George

GRAY, Captain Hubert James Stirling

GRAY, Sergeant Stuart William

GREEN, Lance Corporal Herbert Bernard


GREENFIELD, Private Frederick Stephen

GREENFIELD, Private Walter Harry

GREENWOOD, Private George Stanhope

GREENYER, Private Albert Charles

GREENYER, Private Alfred James

GRINYER, Private Thomas G

GROVES, Lance Corporal Archibald James William

GROVES, Corporal William Henry

GUIEL, Private Arthur A J

GUY, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Jasper Thomas

HAIGH, Private John William

HAINES, Lieutenant Godfrey Albert Victor

HARDING, Private Edwin

HARPER, Petty Officer 1st Class Edwin Theodore

HARRIS, Private Jack

HARRISON, Second Lieutenant Cyril Henry

HARRISON, Driver Percival George

HARRISON, Captain Victor William

HARROLD, Lance Sergeant Walter Phillips Gordon

HART, Private Arthur Herbert

HART, Bombardier Felix Albert

HART, Rifleman William

HAULKHAM, Private Leonard George Richard

HAULKHAM, Private Sydney George

HARVIE, Sub Lieutenant Edward Alexander Gordon

HAVELL, Private Eric Tunbridge

HAVELL, Private Reginald Beaumont

HAYLER, Private Alfred

HAYLER, Private Frederick Charles


HAYLOR, Guardsman Stanley Henry

HAZELL, Private Ernest H

HEARSEY, Corporal Arthur John

HEATHER, Private Stanley George

HELME, Captain Thomas Herbert

HENSON, Private Harold Arthur Edward

HEWETT, Lance Corporal Thomas Elliott

HEWS, Private Henry Montague

HIDE, Private Alfred William

HIDE, Lance Corporal Percy

HILLIER, Driver Charles George

HILLS, Private Edward Albert

HILLS, Private Ernest Alfred

HILLYER, Private Horace George

HOBBS, Sergeant Arthur Kenneth

HOBBS, Private Frank

HODGSON, Private Harold Arthur

HOLDEN, Corporal Levi

HOLDER, Private Albert George

HOLDER, Private Frederick William

HOLLAND, Private George William

HOLLAND, Private Frederick Curtis

HOLLAND, Private Herbert

HOSIER, Private Christopher Arthur

HOSIER, Able Seaman Ernest

HOSIER, Ordinary Seaman Harry

HOOK, Private Albert H

HOWARD, Frederick

HUGHES, Private Philip Frederick


HUMPHREY, Private Charles Henry

HUNT, Private George

HUTCHINSON, Gunner Harry Felix

HYLAND, Private Frederick George

HYLAND, Private Percy Edmund

JACKSON, Driver William A C

JAGO, Private William Edward


JENSEN, Rifleman Clive Orum

JERVIS, Private Charles Henry

JERVIS, Private John Frederick

JOHNSTON, Second Lieutenant James Annandale

JOHNSTON, Second Lieutenant Thomas Peacock

JONES, Lieutenant Basil Dawes Gordon

JONES, Private Ernest Alfred

JONES, Sergeant John Jackson

JORDON, Private Archibald

JOYES, Private Jack


KENT, Lance Corporal Frederick Harry

KENT, Able Seaman William Frederick

KIMBER, Trooper Frederick Henry

KING, Private Alfred Henry

KNIGHT, Private Ernest Charles

KNIGHT, Private Sidney

KNOWLES, Rifleman Henry

LAKE, Corporal Sydney

LAWRENCE, Lieutenant Charles Philip

LAWRENCE, Second Lieutenant Thomas Edward

LAWSON, Company Sergeant Major Charles Henry

LAWSON, Private Frank

LAWTON, Company Quartermaster Sergeant James

LAYTON, Captain Roland Churchill

LEAL, Private Archibald Charles

LEGGATT, Sergeant Ernest T

LEE, Bombardier Harry Platts

LELLIOTT, Bombardier Alfred

LEWIS, Private Horace

LE BLANCQ, Private Edgar Arthur Gerard

LIDBETTER, Chief Petty Officer Alfred Henry

LINDFIELD, Ordinary Seaman H C

LINFIELD, Private Harold Frank

LINTON, Private John Corbett

LIMBRICK, Second Lieutenant Arthur William Wentworth

LISHER, Lance Corporal Charles Alfred

LLOYD, Private John Irish

LOCK, Ernest

LOCK, Gunner Percy Edwin

LOCKE, Private Edward Yorke

LOCK, Able Seaman George

LOCK, Gunner Thomas Henry William

LONG, Private Albert Edward

LOVELAND, Stoker 2nd Class William Marcus

MACEY, Private Frederick Henry William

MADGWICK, Private Charles

MADGWICK, Private Ernest P

MALLANDAINE, Second Lieutenant Herbert Ernest

MANT, Petty Officer William

MANWARING, Private Percy Frank

MANWARING, Private Reginald Charles

MARCH, Private Thomas Bertie

MARCH, Private William Henry

MARSHALL, Corporal Ernest Edward

MARSHALL, Sergeant George

MARTIN, Private Albert Edward

MARTIN, Private Charles Claude

MARNER, Private Henry Bainbridge

MASON, Private John Henry George William

MASON, Private Raymond C H

MASON, Sergeant Sidney Richard Victor Clous

MASSEY, Lance Corporal William George

MASSEY, Private William Hosley

MATTHEWS, Private Charles


MATTHEWS, Airman 2nd Class Herbert Frederick

MATTHEWS, Driver Moses

MAY MM, Sergeant William E


MERCER, Private Albert Winton

MERRYDEW, Private Charles

MERRYDEW, Private Harold

MESSAGE, Private William Walter

MILES, Private Archie Frederick

MILES, Private Jack

MILLER, Gunner Horace Frederick

MITCHELL, Private Albert Louis

MITCHELL, Trooper Ernest Henry

MITCHELL, Private Frederick George

MONNERY, Private Stephen

MORPHEW, Electrical Artificer 3rd Class George Adams

MUNDAY, Frederick

MUNDAY, Private John Thomas

MUNNERY, Private Alfred James

MUNNERY, Private Thomas Henry

MURRAY, Lance Corporal Henry Edward

MUSTCHIN, Private Robert Henry

MUZZELL, Private Alfred S

NAYLOR, Major Urmston Shaw

NEAL, Private William George

NEPEAN, Captain Francis Molyneux Yorke

NETLEY, Private Edward


NEWMAN, Private Arthur Thomas

NEWMAN, Driver Charles William

NEWMAN, Corporal Percival Corney

NEWINGTON, Second Lieutenant Alfred John

NEVILLE, Captain Stanley

NICHOLLS, Private Charles Herbert

NICHOLLS, Private Sidney George

NICHOLLS, Captain William Howard-

NOTT, Second Lieutenant Saumarez Ewan

NOYES, Guardsman Frank

OSBORNE, Sergeant Bernard Leslie

OSBORNE, Second Lieutenant Edward Bertram

OWERS, Lance Corporal William Thomas


PAGE, Rifleman Alfred Ernest

PAGE, Corporal Charles Alfred

PAGE, Private Edward Charles

PAIGE, Thomas

PAINE, Bombardier Richard Gilbert

PALMER, Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Robert Henry

PANNELL, Private Alfred

PANNELL, Private Charles John

PANNELL, Private William

PARHAM, Private Robert Charles

PARSONS, Sapper Edward Carter

PARSONS, Private Harry Frank

PARSONS, Private Percy

PASKINS, Private Henry Arthur

PATCHING, Gunner Alfred

PATCHING, Lance Corporal Wilfred Merrick

PAY, Private Albert

PAYNE, Private Arthur

PEACOCK, Private John

PEARCEY, Private William Richard

PECKHAM, Bombardier Albert Victor

PECKHAM, Private Edward

PECKOVER, Captain Reginald Keith

PEERLESS, Private Ernest Boon

PEERLESS, Sergeant Rowland George

PENFOLD, Private Charles Henry

PELLING, Private Ernest

PELLING, Private William Henry

PERKINS, Lance Corporal Frederick Bolton

PETTER, Private Henry

PHILLIMORE, Gunner Albert Victor

PICKERING, Corporal Arthur E

PIERRE, Private Harry Archibald

PIERCE, Private Charles William

PITNEY, Corporal Charles Alfred

PITT, Second Lieutenant Vio Douglas Wallace

POLAND, Private George

POLLARD, Rifleman Walter Fieldwicke

POMEROY, Airman 1st Class William C D

POORE, Private Harry

POORE, Lance Corporal Harry

POORE, Private William

POTTER, Private Arthur


PRICKETT, Captain Lancelot

PULLEN, Private William Robert

PUNCH, Private Edward

PYE, Captain Francis John


RHODES, Trooper William Henry

RICH, George

RICH, Lance Corporal George Edward

RICHARDSON, Private Henry Herbert

RIDDLES, Private Arthur

RIDDLES, Private Horace Henry

ROBERTS, Private William Rufus

ROBERTSON, Second Lieutenant Charles John


ROBSON, Private William Henry

ROGERS, Driver Harold

ROMER, Petty Officer Joseph Gilbert

ROSE, Bombardier Robert Henry

ROTHWELL, Private Francis Henry

ROWLAND, Corporal Geoffrey Ellis

RUMBELOW, Corporal Frederick Francis

RUSSELL, Private Cecil Frederick

SANDELL, Lance Corporal Lionel Weller

SANFORD, Driver Harold Charlton

SAUNDERS, Private Edwin John

SAUNDERS, Driver Frank Herbert

SAUNDERS, Private Percy Alfred Thomas

SAVAGE, Rifleman Harold Mark

SAVILLE, Private George Sheriff


SAYERS, Private Harold Theodore

SCUTT, Trimmer George

SCUTT, Private Thomas William

SEALL, Lance Sergeant Charles Edward

SEALL, Private William Samuel

SEARLE, Private Henry

SELBY, Lance Corporal Sidney James

SEWELL, Sergeant Herbert Stanley


SHEPPARD, Private Jack

SHIMELL, Gunner Reginald Bertie

SHORT, Driver Edmund Luke

SHORT, Private Herbert

SHORT, Private Harold Percy

SHORT, Lance Corporal John William

SHORT, Private William George

SIMMONDS, Private George

SKEFFINGTON, Private Hungerford Clatworthy

SKINNER, Private Arthur F

SKINNER, Sergeant Alfred F

SLAUGHTER, Private Frederick James

SLAUGHTER, Private Harry James

SLAUGHTER, Pioneer Hubert Melville

SLAUGHTER, Sergeant Walter Harold

SLAUGHTER, Sergeant Leonard

SMALL, Lance Corporal Ernest Charles

SMART, Private Percy

SMITH, Private Alfred George

SMITH, Arthur Percy

SMITH, Private Frederick George

SMITH, Private Joseph Allan

SMITH, Staff Sergeant John Newton

SMITH, Second Lieutenant Jack Noble

SMITH, Private William

STACEY, Private Johnson Albert

STANDING, Private John Josephus

STANFORD, Sub Lieutenant Edward

STANFORD, Lance Corporal Reuben

STEAD, Private Frederick Victor

STEEL, Lance Corporal Sidney


STEELES, Private William Arthur Frederick

STEERE, Able Seaman Archibald George

STENT, Second Lieutenant Harold Rudolph

STEPNEY, Private Richard Allen

STEVENS, Private Alfred

STEVENS, Private Ernest William

STEVENS, Private Walter Sydney

STEVENSON, Rifleman Albert (Bert)

STONER, Private Bernard Alex James

STONER, Private George Sharpe

STREATER, Second Lieutenant John Wenban

STREET, Lance Corporal Albert James

STREETER, Private Michael Henry

STRIDE, Private Stanley Sydney

STRINGER, Private Edgar

STRINGER, Lance Corporal George Stephenson

STRINGER, Private Walter Samuel

STROTTEN, Driver William John

STRUDWICK, Petty Officer 1st Class Albert

STUBBS, Private Charles

STUBBS, Second Lieutenant Cecil Arthur

STUBBS, Corporal Sydney

SUCH, Rifleman Anthony

SUCH, Private Thomas George

SWAIN, Private Arthur

SWAIN, Company Sergeant Major George William

SWAN, Stoker 2nd Class F R

SYMONS, Captain Thomas Stewart

TAYLOR, Private Alfred R

TAYLOR, Lance Corporal Charles Herbert

TAYLOR, Private Herbert Ernest

TAYLOR, Private Oliver Beaumont

TAYLOR, Private Percy Thomas

TEE, Lance Sergeant Alfred George

TEE, Sergeant George Frederick

TEE, Private Reginald Arthur

TEE, Private Sidney Charles

THIRLWELL, Second Lieutenant Walter Houlden

THOMAS, Petty Officer Charles Stubbs

THOMAS, Private Maurice

TIER, Lance Corporal Harry

TILBURY, Private Lawrence Albert

TILL, Lance Corporal Ernest George

TIVEY, Corporal Berkeley Thomas

TOWGOOD, Second Lieutenant Arthur Cecil Carden

TOWN, Lance Corporal John

TOWN, Private Leonard Hogarth

TREAGUS, Private Frank F

TUCK, Ordinary Seaman Charles Ernest Alfred

TUCK, Private Herbert Frederick

TUCKER, Lieutenant Arthur Haines


TURNER, Clerk Ernest James

TURNHAM, Private Donald Cameron Corbett

TURRELL, Private Charles Samuel

TUTT, Gunner Archibald

UPPERTON, Lance Corporal Edwin Payne

VENESS, Lance Corporal Edgar John

VENIS, Private Edwin

VINCENT, Private Frederick

VIRGOE, Private Sydney F

VOKES, Private Edwin George

VOICE, Private George

VOICE, Rifleman James Albert

WADE, Bugler Frank Hayward

WADEY, Corporal Edward

WAKEFIELD, Sapper Thomas Harry

WALLER, Private Frank

WALLER, Lance Corporal Charles Henry

WALLER, Private Reginald Albert

WALLINGTON, Second Lieutenant Nigel Hugh

WARNER, Private Frederick Frank

WARD, Signaller Percy Harold

WARD, Private Harry Edward

WATKINS, Private Eric

WATSON, Private George

WATSON, Private Thomas

WATERTON, Rifleman William Harry

WEAVER, Private Albert

WEBB, Private John

WEBB, Private Leslie Allen George Cameron

WEBB, Private Richard Lloyd

WELLS, Rifleman Albert Edward

WELLS, Private William Alfred

WEST, Lance Corporal Charles Fossey

WEST, Private Edward George


WESTLAKE, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Henry J

WHEATLAND, Corporal Reginald George

WHEELER, Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Noel Popham D’Erf

WHEELER, Captain Percival Francis Crommelin D’Erf

WHITE, Pioneer Charles James

WHITE, Rifleman Charles Thomas

WHITE, Private Percival

WHITMELL, Warrant Officer 2nd Class Harry H

WHITTINGTON, Private Edward

WICKENS, Private Cedric Alfred Hampton

WICKINGS, Private Ernest William

WILKINS, Private Harold George

WILKINSON, Sergeant Henry Sydney

WILLIAMS, Lieutenant Norman Stevens

WILLMER, Private Frederick Ernest

WILLMER, Private George Edward

WINGFIELD, Lance Corporal Albert Edward

WINGFIELD, Private John

WINGFIELD, Private Mark

WINTER, Private Charles Herbert

WINTON, Private Albert

WINTON, Private Harry

WISE, Sergeant William Richard

WOOD, Private Reginald John

WOOD, Private Sydney Arthur

WOODWARDS, Private David

WRIGHT, Lieutenant John Jack Armer

YOUNG, Private Stanley