Bowls: Goodwoods have the good Grace to beat Fittleworth

BOGNOR Goodwoods hosted local rivals Nyetimber and won on all three mats.

Grace Roope, Janet Hanson, Daniel Lovell and Brian Mills (skip) scored a seven on their way to a 27-14 win over Nyetimber’s Catherine Plummer, Peter Watters, Jean Leake and George Booker (skip).

On mat two an early six helped Nyetimber maintain the lead for most of the match. Goodwoods clawed their way back and Geoff King, Derek Fair, Jean Harbut and Brian Williams (skip) snatched the game 23-21, against Denise Merritt, Brian Boiling,Nigel Plummer and skip Ted Moore.

Mat three saw another convincing win for Goodwoods when Margaret Williams, Mary Fair, Marion Goodland and Brian Goodland (skip) got off to a flier with an 8-0 lead after four ends against Peta Watters, Arthur Guppy, Afke Booker and Peter Skinner (skip). Goodwoods ran out 32-14 winners to complete an 82-49 win for the hosts.


Arun 145 Worthing Pavilion 91

As Arun’s first proper fixture was cancelled by the opposition, this was Arun’s first serious game Arun won by 54 shots, winning on five rinks and drawing on one.

Scores: D Jackson, D Goodenough, F Taylor, E King won 32-12; P Murphy, M Hunt, D Sayers, J Pickard won 26-17; B Why, D Winchester, B Sandford, T Sayers won 27-13; R Lincoln, W Branford, B Jones, B Napper drew 16-16; D Parker, P Green, M Johnson, A Anderson won 21-17; B Rebbeck, N Bashford, J Muffett, D Leach won 23-16.

Croydon 128 Arun 98

In this six-rink annual fixture, Arun won on two rinks, lost on three and drew on one.

At the halfway stage Arun were 12 shots down and found it difficult to claw back in the second half.

Scores: F Smith, W Branford, A Stewart, G Leaman won 21-18; D Jackson, V May, M Adams, JP Brown won 21-18; D Parker, B Sales, J Olliver, B Horsley lost 21-16; B Rebbeck, D Sigley, D Sayers, D Leach lost 33-7; J Watson, B Jones, E Dewing, L Corne lost 20-15; G Finch, D Winchester, E Mitchell, M English drew 18-18.

Arun 151 Horsham 89

Arun won on four rinks out of six to triumph by a very creditable 61 shots. This was Arun’s best win so far this season.

Scores: P Miles, G Herrington, D Winchester, J Weatherall won 25-11; C Chester, P Green, B Why, M Bonnar won 33-8; G Whitaker, P Hannum, V May, B Horsley lost 21-15; D Taffurelli, W Branford, M Johnson, B Napper won 36-18; J Harvey, D Hurdle, A Avery, J Pickard won 25-12; J Watson, J Dyke, M Philpot, J Olliver lost 19-17.


Crablands SMBC’s open day went well with the traditional spoons drive. The winning team were Meg Pocock, Ted Murrell and Doe Berry.

Crablands enjoyed a 57-50 victory over Nyetimber.

Scores: Brian Berry, Stevie Brooks, Joan Homewood & Ron Coombes won 26-16; Joyce Abel, Tony Heritage, Lil Tuck & Jim Saunders lost 19-14; Gwen Coombes, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown & Joyce Heritage won 17-15.

A friendly between the Cormorants and the Auks was won 77-42 by the Cormorants.

Scores: Patricia Tucker, Joan Homewood, Mike Tucker, Brian Berry lost 19-17; Joyce Abel, Don Jonas, Wally Obermayer, Martin Hunt won 36-11; Ron Coombes, Janet Obermayer, Derek Eggleton, Mollie Back won 24-12.

A spoons drive saw a different format of short mat bowls being tried.

Winners were Ann Threlkeld, Tony Heritage and Lil Tuck, who won all four games.

Wooden spoons were presented to Patricia Tucker, Joan Homewood and Mike Tucker, who lost all their games.


Fittleworth won one rink and lost the other ainst Storrington, taking just two points from a 36-26 loss.

In the friendly, Fittleworth won 17-16.

Scores: Jean Lucking, Sheila Allen, Alan Jordan, David Herbert won 19-14; Lynn White, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin lost 22-7; (friendly): Murial Cook, Jane Adsett, Tony Broughton, Bernard Adsett won 17-16.


Hunston beat Pulborough 88-29, with Alvin Harle’s last wood on the last end taking the jack and making four shots to win the game.

Scores: D Greenfild, S Mesure, F Franklin won 38-3; P Franklin, R Streeter, A Harle won 18-15; T Hack, M Streeter, R Stevens won 32-11.