Jones packs a punch on boxing's poignant night

ST GERARDS ABC travelled to Hornchurch for Romford ABC's open boxing show. The trip was special as it was in honour of the life of young coach Darren Howe, who died recently.

The event raised a whopping £6,000 for his wife and young child.

St Gerards took a lone senior boxer, Olly Jones, 20, who was making his amateur debut.

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Coach Ash Sutherland was confident Jones would perform as he was a very gifted individual.

The Chichester University graduate has been with St Gerards for just over a year and was champing at the bit to do his stuff.

He was matched up with Jay Lawlor, 19, from Horchurch and Elm Park ABC for a 73kg middleweight contest.

The arena was packed with boxers and punters alike paying their respects to Darren.

Coach Sutherland had told Jones to keep the fight at long range, firing off quick jabs and right counter-shots, with plenty of lateral movement changing from left to right.

The Chichester camp knew Lawlor was very strong but Jones boxed according to plan, easily winning the first round.

The second was much the same as Jones gave Lawlor a boxing lesson with his accurate jabbing, picking up the neccessary points to claim his first win.

In the last round Jones made his opponent look very raw.

Coach Jon Mills said Jones had done himself and the club proud with a dazzling display of pugilistic skills rarely seen these days.

“An old fighter aged in his 70s approached us afterwards saying it was the best display of boxing he had seen in years and begged us not to change his style as it was pinch perfect for someone making their debut – we promised not too,” said Mills.