Cam Walton relishes switch to Australia's racing scene

A Sussex racer has pursued his dream of becoming a racing car driver by travelling to the other side of the world, but admits it's been a '˜huge challenge.'
Cam Walton SUS-180720-135522001Cam Walton SUS-180720-135522001
Cam Walton SUS-180720-135522001

Cam Walton, 26, packed up his life in Henfield in a bid to find success in Sydney in one of the most competitive touring car series in the world.

Despite a whirlwind period, he spoke about how he’s settled into his new life and his achievements so far.

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He said: “It’s been a hectic start to the year that’s for sure! It’s nice to now be more settled and have time to keep progressing with our car, but also get out and do other things like exploring local places.

Cam Walton SUS-180720-135534001Cam Walton SUS-180720-135534001
Cam Walton SUS-180720-135534001

“To move to the other side of the world, set up a team, build a car and be straight up the front in the championship is a huge achievement in itself at this level, but to keep building on that throughout the season is our goal.

“This move has been such a huge challenge but it’s only helping me learn and grow.”

The former McLaren employee, who has a Masters Degree in mechanical engineering says he has a lot of respect for driver-engineers such as Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham, as ‘winning a race in your own car is something special.’

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Walton attributes his interest in the sport to old console games.

Cam Walton SUS-180720-135546001Cam Walton SUS-180720-135546001
Cam Walton SUS-180720-135546001

He said: “I’m pretty sure Gran Turismo on the PlayStation kicked it off.

“Ever since then I can remember always being into cars and racing, whether that was watching F1, BTCC, or MotoGP on TV, or going to Goodwood Festival of Speed.

“I never imagined I’d be doing it in real life.”

The decision to move halfway across the world is certainly a tough one whoever you are, but Walton says it’s the perfect step for him.

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He said: “It’s all about the Toyota 86 Racing Series for me.

“It’s the perfect next step for my career moving from the Toyota MR2 Championship in the UK.

“I think if you want to follow a dream you have to be willing to make big moves to take amazing opportunities.

“I’m now racing on the Supercars package which is huge over here, with live HD TV coverage and massive crowds.

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“It offers everything I need at this point and gives great chances to progress even further.”

Talking about a potential return to the UK, Walton said: “I follow opportunities, so if a better door opens to step back into one of the many great series in the UK or Europe, I will likely take it, knowing I will be coming back as a more rounded and experienced driver.”