Collins leads home Burgess Hill Runners at Willow Hill

The hot weather continued this week as Burgess Hill Runners travelled to Ardingly for the annual Wakehurst Willow.
Burgess Hill Runners at Wakehurst. Picture by Claire Giles SUS-180729-230824002Burgess Hill Runners at Wakehurst. Picture by Claire Giles SUS-180729-230824002
Burgess Hill Runners at Wakehurst. Picture by Claire Giles SUS-180729-230824002

It is a great race set in the grounds of Wakehurst place, a challenging course as well.

First home for the club was James Collins (29:53) followed by Jonathan Herbert (35:43), Kirsty Armstrong (36:09), Flic Archer (37:45), Rich Neale (38:05), Kevin Cross (38:43), Gayle Tyler (39:39), Douglas Cooper (40:04), Annette Maynard (41:51), Hugh Stevenage (44:16), Jason Wadey (45:47), Karl Richards (45:47), Elizabeth Carter (45:59), Jane Owen (46:08), John Palmer (49:20), Carole Mills (50:16), Claire Giles (51:11), Clare Payne (51:30), Sarah Fagg (51:30), Tracey Swaffer (53:48), Dawn Fahy (54:46), Wendy White (55:15), Pauline Sutherand (56:13), Meredith Macdonald (59:05), Marianne Killkenny (01:00:11), Linda Hulley (01:01:36) and Liz Parker (01:06:32).

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Elsewhere this week on the south coast the Luna-tic Marathon took place in Shoreham-by-Sea.

This is a day/night event running up one side of the Adur river and back down the other.

Each lap is about nine miles one lap in daylight, one at dusk and one at night. Paul Sargent continued his winning form as he finished first in a time of (03:13:43), Oliver Jones also completed the distance in (04:26:45).

GOLF CROQUET: Sussex County Croquet Club at Southwick will be the major venue for the 2019 World Golf Croquet Championships.

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This will be supported by three other venues in Eastbourne, Worthing and Tunbridge Wells.

The Championships will be held between July 27 and August 4, 2019 with competitors from up to 30 countries eligible to compete.

Sussex County Croquet Club, which is one of the world’s oldest and largest croquet clubs, has been selected as the premier venue & will be the host for the finals.

During the past five years, the club has completely refurbished their 11 lawns to international standard.

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This improvement was a major factor when the World Croquet Federation decided to award the Championships to Sussex.

The current world champion is South African Reg Bamford, who won the World Championship in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in London.

Golf croquet is a rapidly growing sport, appealing to all age groups and today’s life style.

Like 20/20 cricket, the game is entertaining to watch, easy to understand and combines tactical play with spectacular shots.

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