Gillespie: Get to Base Camp before you dream about Everest's summit

Jason Gillespie is refusing to make any bold predictions about promotion or trophies in his first season at Sussex.

Sussex's new head coach Jason Gillespie / Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Sussex's new head coach Jason Gillespie / Picture by PW Sporting Photography

But he believes if they work hard and get the basics right, results will look after themselves.

Sussex have been in division two of the championship longer than fans would like and the new head coach said: “Every supporter will want their team at the highest level and winning trophies.

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“The question is what will allow you to win a game of cricket.

“What will allow you to be successful? These are the questions as support staff we are posing to the players.

“Cricket’s about giving yourself the best chance of being successful and that will be our focus. If we tick those boxes as we go along the path, results will take care of themselves.

“I’m not going to make big predictions but everyone wants to be in the top flight, everyone wants to be winning trophies, of course.

“But it’s what we’re going to do to allow ourselves to be in a position to do that that’s key.”

He knows it will be tricky juggling the four-day season with T20 and One-Day cup games, but added: “Managing expectation can be a challenge and if you focus on the end result you forget what’s right in front of you.

“It’s a bit like looking at Mount Everest and trying to climb to the top, and thinking ‘That’s pretty high up’.

“You’ve got to get to base camp first. That will certainly be our focus. If you only look at end results you forget what you’ve been doing on the way.

“We’re going to be focusing on our journey – let’s chip away at that. We’ve got to get the basics right.

“I can’t imagine we’ll have any issues with our attitude and efforts.

“You only have to look at the lads to see how fit and strong they are. They’re putting in the work.

“It’s just about having that mindset of continual improvement. How we can we better? How can we be better at the end of a session than we are at the start? That will be our focus. Results – yes they matter. But they’re not going to be our focus. They will be a product of what we do. And if we get that right, we’re going to do well.”

Gillespie has signed a three-year deal at Hove but is already being asked about being tempted by other job offers, notably whether Australia may come calling.