Darts: Ladies and over-50s prove a knockout in Bognor

Another break in Friday Night Summer League matches saw the ladies and the over-50s knockouts take place at the Bognor British Legion.

A total of 37 players turned up for the over-50s contest.

Into the first semi-final went Andy Cooper (Newtown SC A) take on Andy Stubbs (Chi Snooker B). A close-fought match saw Stubbs make his way to the final.

The second semi was between Tim McCarthy (Friary C) Arthur Clark (Chi Snooker A). This was a classic with both players hitting a 180. The game went the full three legs, but it was Clark who made his way to the final.

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The final, an all-Chi Snooker Club affair, was tough for both players.

After being knocked out last year in the quarter finals, Clark was in a good mood to take the title, but Stubbs denied him the doubles, and took the title.

Fifteen players turned up for the ladies’ knockout. Some surprising exits came in the first round, but not so surprising was the semi-final line-up.

The first saw Mary Roberts (Richmond Rebels) take on Hayley Gatford (Chi Snooker B). Although not playing at her best, Gatford took the win and made it into the final.

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The second semi was between Karen Wilson (Chi Snooker B) and Esme Davis (Friary D). Wilson did just enough.

The final was another all-Chi Snooker Club final with Gatford taking on Wilson. Gatford was trying to take her third summer win in the ladies’ knockout and Wilson was trying not to let Gatford do what she did in the first round last year.

Some good darts were played between the two, but it wasn’t their best game. It went to all three legs and Wilson found her double to take the title of 2012 summer ladies’ champion.