A decent return from Plymouth - but a derby it ain't!

Would we have been happy with a 1-1 draw at Plymouth midway through the second half on Saturday?
Tom Baker holds his head in his hands after Plymouth's later leveller Picture: Joe PeplerTom Baker holds his head in his hands after Plymouth's later leveller Picture: Joe Pepler
Tom Baker holds his head in his hands after Plymouth's later leveller Picture: Joe Pepler

Of course we would. But Danny Rose smashes in a worldie with three minutes to go and we think we’ve got all three points.

So having that taken away by Connor Smith – whose goal was also pretty decent, by the way – left us all feeling a bit flat on the final whistle.

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I know there’s a few who’ve had a moan and a groan about us not defending a lead.

We had a history of conceding late goals last season, too, which doesn’t help matters.

It’s a natural thing to drop deeper when you are in that position, however. I’ve seen it happen time and again.

And sometimes you have to give credit to the opposing side – it was a decent finish from the lad.

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Having said that, to use an old football term, I thought Plymouth were ‘bang average’.

What I will say about them, however, is they have one of the best players in the division in Graham Carey.

Aside from that, though, I didn’t see an awful lot to get excited about.

I don’t think they are as strong as the team we played in the league and play-offs at the end of last season.

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Maybe it was a bit disingenuous of me, but I said they reminded me a little bit of Wycombe on the radio.

That was in terms of their time-wasting and physicality.

Having said that, you can’t argue with their record of being 11 games unbeaten in the league.

As for this Dockyard Derby talk, it’s not for me.

It was never called that in my day or even considered as any kind of derby.

There is only one derby, and that’s the rivalry which creates such a special atmosphere in Southampton games.

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Thinking about it, we’ve never even called games with Brighton or Aldershot derbies so I don’t see why Plymouth should be.

What it is, of course, is a title dreamed up by the media and marketing types. Waffle.

Meanwhile, this Sunday will see thousands of you raising money for good causes at the Great South Run.

Among them will be ‘Touchline’ Tony Male who is taking part in the event for the 25th year.

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Tony will be joined by the likes of Andy Awford, Dave Waterman and a host of others to raise funds for the Oakley Waterman Caravan Foundation.

And my pal – and Pompey fan – Steve Ayling will be doing the event dressed as a teddy bear for Children with Cancer.

Good luck to you all!