Brighton can continue to surprise the Premier League big guns

Ok, so what do we know so far Johnny? Well it’s difficult to take too many conclusions from the first eight fixtures of the Premier League season.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 1:46 pm
Graham Potter

With two international interludes, in all honesty it has been as stop start as a Southern Rail train timetable from the last year or so.

There is no surprise that Liverpool and Manchester City occupy the top two spots. Some eyebrows have been raised after the Champions two defeats show a fallibility that maybe due to injuries to key players but exists all the same.

Glance lower and yes it becomes apparent that four of the so called “big six” are up there, but you need to lower your chin a little more to find Tottenham in ninth and Manchester United in 12th.

There appears to be a malaise at Spurs while the problems rub deeper, or go higher, at United. Chelsea are exciting if a little inconsistent during their transition, while Arsenal have done well to be third despite a brittle defence.

What of the other pretenders? Leicester look threatening under Brendan Rodgers. Everton and West Ham? I don’t think so.

The Toffees have a longstanding issue up front. The Hammers struggle to fit in all their attackers but will always concede goals.

I don’t believe we are seeing a changing of the guard and there can be no doubt that the established clubs will come back stronger. It may take a few transfer windows and a few million quid but they can afford it...or increase the debt for it.

It is however, refreshing to see Norwich beat Man City, Brighton beat Tottenham, Sheffield United draw away at Chelsea and Watford hold Arsenal at Vicarage Road.

The big guns never have it all their own way, but if the “other 14” (yes there are twitter accounts for it!) continue to surprise and unnerve, then it will only increase the excitement, the jeopardy.

It’s a bit like looking forward to a birthday, Christmas or a special dinner. It is the anticipation that is the best bit.

Sometimes the present isn’t quite what you wanted, or the food wasn’t what you expected but that feeling will return next time around.

There’s always a chance and maybe the odds are getting just a little better for those teams who don’t always dominate the headlines.

I am never great at making predictions but stick by the reasoning that the Seagulls may well pull off more victories like the 3-0 win over Spurs but may take a few hits - like the 4-0 loss to Manchester City.

In the past, we’ve always said that the fortune of bottom half sides rests on the results against those in a similar position.

That may not be the case this season but it may well throw things wide open. I just wonder how many sides will not have their fate sealed until the last few games in May.

The title race may well be decided but the margins between the “other 18” may well be the smallest ever.

Johnny Cantor is a commentator for BBC Sussex

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