Don't be fooled by excellent Newcastle result...Brighton still badly need a new striker

As predictable as night following day, within in minutes of the Albion’s emphatic 3-0 win at St James’s Park on Sunday social media was awash with a section of Brighton fans claiming a new striker isn’t needed after all.
Aaron Connolly fires home an excellent third goal at Newcastle last SundayAaron Connolly fires home an excellent third goal at Newcastle last Sunday
Aaron Connolly fires home an excellent third goal at Newcastle last Sunday

No doubting three excellent points on the road, and Albion now eight games on their travels without defeat, but does it really change the overriding issue?

Regardless of whether fans thought he was past his best, Glenn Murray was a huge part of the Albion squad.

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His departure to Watford on loan leaves a huge hole, that hole, regardless of the three points won at Newcastle United, still needs filling.

Two candidates bandied most recently both play for Liverpool, Divock Origi and Rhian Brewster.

Both excellent options, although in the case of Brewster the potential buyback clause in the deal smacks of both arrogance and self preservation by the Premier League Champions.

Buy now for £20 million with by £30 million buy back in two years, put me in mind of the old email from the Nigerian Prince, it’s too good to be true, for Liverpool that is.

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Sell a young player, let him develop at another Premier League club, if he really goes well, he will be worth far more than £30 million in 24 months time, and if he flops they managed to get £20 million for him.

Unsurprisingly Crystal Palace look like they are prepared to go for that very deal, but I’m pleased Brighton didn’t go down that route.

So Origi then?

Certainly ticks all the boxes, as discussed in last weeks column, he will cost, and he will almost certainly become the highest paid player in the clubs history, but needs must, the current squad, in my opinion, doesn’t have enough attacking options to sustain a successful, Premier League campaign.

On a positive front, only two League games in but one exciting aspect is the emergence of Tariq Lamptey, the Albion recruitment team has unearthed a real gem, the only concern being now how long can the Albion conceivably hold on to him if he develops into the player many believe he is?

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Talk of a big bid in the next transfer window is a bit premature, but fast forward to next summer and with the new striker the Albion record their best ever EPL finish will young Lamptey be knocking on the England squad door for the delayed Euros?

Before that there’s more League action this Saturday with the visit of Manchester United, in project restart the Albion got a footballing lesson from the Reds.

Even though it’s a few weeks, I think the Albion have already learned lessons, so I’m going for a narrow but hard earned 1-0 win for the Seagulls.

In last weeks column I described Chelsea as ‘bang average’, and a number of fans of the West London club have taken issue with me on this, on both social media and in person.

I was celebrating Albion’s win on Sunday so didn’t watch Chelsea vs Liverpool, how was it for you Blues fans?