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This is where Brighton, Crystal Palace and West Ham will finish in the Premier League - under weighted points per game plan

A weighted points-per-game system has been proposed as one way of deciding League One and Two – but what would that mean for Brighton and Hove Albion IF a similar process was adopted to conclude the Premier League campaign?

While the third and fourth-tier's season looks set to be cancelled, the Premier League and Championship have reiterated their desire to resume 2019/20.

One idea proposed to the EFL for League One and Two is determining using a weighted points-per-game system.

In this method, the average PPG won by teams both home and away is calculated. They are then awarded points in accordance with how many games of each they have left to play.

This method has been used in Rugby Union, so where would the Seagulls finish IF the Premier League carried out a similar method? Scroll down and click through the pages to find out: