Coronavirus: Why didn't the Premier League step in sooner? - opinion

The Premier League and EFL have postponed the season until April 3 due the Covid-19 outbreak. But why has it taken so long? Here are Sports Journalism Student Liam Davies' opinion on the events.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta  (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire throughout the world of Football, and it was finally decided today (Friday) to postpone the professional game for three weeks.

The fact it’s taken the Premier League this long to react is shocking. With major sporting events and competitions around the world being suspended, it’s surprising that the Premier League hierarchy didn't stepped in sooner.

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UEFA announced on Friday morning that all Champions League and Europa league games next weeks are postponed, which really left the Premier League no choice but to follow suit.

Thursday night saw Brighton & Hove Albion announce the postponement of their game at home to Arsenal on Saturday.

It’s a decision that would have been a no brainer for the club and it’s one I fully agree with, as it came just an hour after Arsenal revealed their Head Coach Mikel Arteta had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Everton have also announced that their first-team squad and coaching staff will undergo a period of self-isolation. This comes after a first-team player reported symptoms linked with the coronavirus.

My Twitter feed this morning tells me all I need to know about football fans’ opinions on the matter. Supporters from all clubs up and down the country welcomed the postponement of the leagues. Most are shocked and embarrassed that the so called ‘best league in the world’ took this long to react to the pandemic.

If people were struggling to grasp just how dangerous and serious this pandemic is, this should be the wake-up call they needed.

Where do we go from here?

With the 2020 Euros rumoured to be pushed back until next year, it will leave plenty of time throughout the summer months to pick up where the leagues left off.

If this means delaying the 20/21 seasons, then so be it. The number of cases are growing daily and the footballing hierarchy need to do what they can to ensure the safety of the public.