'Everyone is trying their hardest, week in and week out, I can guarantee that' - Crawley Town boss John Yems on injuries, having a bottom six budget and how much the team need the fans' support

Crawley Town boss John Yems has issued a rallying cry to fans to get behind the team to help them get the results going in the right direction.

The Reds are currently 19th but have had a string of injuries which have not helped their cause.

There are 16 players of the whole squad who are unavailable for the next two weeks.

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And Yems just wants the fans to know how hard his team are trying and how much they need their support.

About the injuries, Yems said: “That’s a lot of players. I am not saying all are first teamers but at least seven would get into your first team including Jordan Tunnicliffe, Nick Tsaroulla, Tom Dallison and Jack Payne.

“It’s frustrating when you get all the doom and gloom around the club. Yes the results have not gone our way but when you look at what we are competing against it’s tough. You look at budgets other club’s have and it makes ours look small.

“We have one of the lowest budgets in the league.

Crawley Town boss John Yems says most of the fans have been fantastic this season

“If you have a bottom six budget, you know what, do you know where you deserve to be?

"People seem to forget we had such a good year last season - most clean sheets, best result in the club’s history. Where has the spirit gone that got us there?

“I just want the fans to rally behind us. Noone goes out there to lose. We have had injuries, we have had sendings off but most of the fans have been fantastic. I feel the disappointment as much as they do when we lose.

“But let’s get real, let’s all get behind the players and the club, let’s get people off the injury table and really get being the club good or bad.

“People maybe pointing the fingers at me but I wasn’t the one basking in the glory when we were doing well. I was telling people at the time that any point is one further away from relegation. They can see why I was saying that.

“But we have lost one of the last three and are only nine points off the play-offs. If anyone in the country could justify any team could miss that many players over such a long period and still do well then fair play. You could have Jesus Christ come and manage this side but he would still have this many injuries - unless he touches a few!”

“Everyone is trying their hardest, week in and week out, I can guarantee that. Let’s just get behind the team.”

Reds travel to Leyton Orient on Saturday.