Crawley Town keeper Corey Addai continues to prove people wrong with crucial saves

From being voted most likely to go down at the start of the season to now chasing the playoffs after an intense relegation battle last season, Crawley Town have done an incredible job of proving people wrong.
Corey Addai has been on top form in recent weeks for Crawley Town. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)Corey Addai has been on top form in recent weeks for Crawley Town. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Corey Addai has been on top form in recent weeks for Crawley Town. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

In particular, Corey Addai who is Scott Lindsey's undisputed first choice goalkeeper is now proving why he makes the starting eleven each week.

The goalkeeper was heavily criticised on social media in previous months by many fans of the football club but the criticism has now turned to praise with the 26-year-old being one of Reds’ more consistent performers in recent weeks.

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In the recent wins against Forest Green and AFC Wimbledon, he has been instrumental in helping them keep two clean sheets with vital saves at key points.

When asked about the criticism he received and how he has proved people wrong, Addai said: “I think its not so much about proving people wrong, I think everyone’s allowed an opinion in football, some might think your excellent but some might think your not that good and that’s why people have careers and other people don't.

“I addressed it (criticism) because I thought it was unfair at the time but I also a think a lot of that was to do with last season as obviously the club wasn't in the best position as we were fighting to not go down and were in a relegation scrap.”

He also added: “The fans are fully allowed an opinion and they're able to speak their mind if they want to but if its unfair I’ll calmly come back at them and tell them what I think as well.”

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Corey Addai has made 24 league appearances for Crawley this year but there was a brief spell when he was replaced in the starting eleven by Lucas Ashby-Hammond who was recalled by his parent club Fulham in January before being sent back out on loan to Notts County.

Addai recalled his time with the loanee goalkeeper and said: “I think Luca’s a great goalkeeper.

"He’s a top keeper and a top lad but obviously only one goalkeeper can play at a time so its always competitive, as your always looking to play games.

“It’s difficult when your in the squad and then you get dropped but you have to keep fighting for your place.”

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The Jamaican shot stopper added: It’s not anyone's fault when you get dropped, the manager makes a decision, it’s not Luca’s fault at the time so you just stay positive with him, push him and hope he plays well, doing everything you can to be a good team player.”

According to Opta, Addai has a save percentage of 73.57 percent in league two this season with 103 saves being made out of the 140 shots on target he has faced. Yesterday’s win against Forest Green Rovers was his first clean sheet since Crawley beat Gillingham on 26th December 2-0.

Addai was forced to make a crucial save late on in the game against Forest Green in order to keep his sides clean sheet in tact.

The goalkeeper was asked if he found it difficult to keep his focus in games.

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He said: “Its not like massively difficult I think that you find ways as a keeper to stay in the game.

"When I was growing up I think was told that as a keeper your probably in the game for an average of around 12 minutes.”

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