Hinshelwood hopes to keep Rebels squad together

WORTHING Football Club manager Adam Hinshelwood says he is going nowhere, although he admits it could be difficult to keep his squad together after the player budget was cut.

Worthing boss Adam Hinshelwood
Worthing boss Adam Hinshelwood

Rebels’ budget was almost halved and, speaking after Monday’s meeting, Hinshelwood said: “It’s going to be difficult to keep all the players here, the more it all becomes public.

“The conversations I’ve had, none of them want to leave. They want to stay and play for the club, which is encouraging from my point of view and for the club to see they’ve got players loyal like that.

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“It was pretty much the players who called the meeting as they want to find ways that the club can move forward and progress.

“It’s really nice and refreshing to see a group of players that actually want to be here playing for this football club. It’s something I’m pleased and proud of and I hope to keep as many of them as possible.”

On his own future, Hinshelwood said: “I’m not going anywhere but, at the same time, I don’t want to be at a club which is just scraping its feet.

“I’ve got more ambition than that. As long as I see steps in the right direction, which hopefully this meeting will prove, I’m going to stay to be part of the club for when it fulfills its potential.”