Why Arsene Wenger's idea for a World Cup every two years is madness

Last week it was Ronaldo reportedly being paid £450,000 a week; this week’s ‘away with the pixies’ moment is from Arsene Wenger, advocating a World Cup every two years.
Arsene Wenger has proposed a World Cup every two yearsArsene Wenger has proposed a World Cup every two years
Arsene Wenger has proposed a World Cup every two years

Has he fallen and banged his head while out on a jolly or has he truly lost the plot?

Don’t get me wrong, I love football. I also love chilli Nachos, but I’d soon get tired of them if I ate them each and every week.

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A World Cup every two years would not only dilute both the quality and attraction of international football but would also put a huge question mark over the Euros, the Copa America and other global soccer tournaments, not to mention the impact on the Olympics and other sports’ respective world championships.

It smacks of greed and overkill, and no doubt at the back of it is a culture of financial gain from sponsorship and broadcasting rights.

I hope once the furore dies down, it’s treated with the contempt it deserves and is quickly dismissed for the hare-brained scheme that it obviously is.

Returning to Manchester and Old Cristiano, there’s news this week that replica shirt sales have reached all-time record sales since his return to Old Trafford, I have to say I was nearly as surprised when I found out Elton John had a syrup...

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It’s back to EPL action for the Albion this week, although in unchartered territory this week as it’s the Seagulls’ first visit to Brentford’s new stadium.

I always used to enjoy my visits to Griffin Park, the Bees’ former home, a proper football ground with the attraction of having pubs on all four sides of the ground.

One particular trip stays in the memory banks and came in March 1988, when Albion were chasing promotion from the old third division.

It appeared a large number of members of Met Police got out of bed the wrong side that day as 44 Albion fans were arrested that day for, well, not very much at all.

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The then Albion chairman, the late Dudley Sizen, used a sledgehammer to crack a nut and attempted to ban every fan arrested, whether charged or not, citing a club policy of anyone arrested at an Albion away game facing a ban.

As for this Saturday, the Albion travelling support will all behave like Nigel Havers and I predict a 2-1 win to the visitors.

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