Is Hastings United star Davide Rodari on his way to Crawley Town?

Davide Rodari could be on his way to Crawley Town - and it could be announced as soon as today (Monday).

And with the locality of Crawley Town, it's been speculated that the Reds were one of the teams interested.

And Reds head coach John Yems revealed today he has been aware of Rodari for the last four or five years.

Davide Rodari in action for Hastings United

The Hastings United striker has been interesting a number of higher-placed clubs with his exploits in front of goal. Last season he made headlines by scoring EIGHT goals in a Velocity Trophy win over East Grinstead and at times he has scored at a rate of a goal a game.

Yems said: "He certainly is someone I am interested in. He’s a good player and has scored a lot of goals. I have known of him for the last four or five years."

And when asked if Crawley could be signing him, Yems said: "He could be and I will know by the end of play today."

When we asked Crawley Town technical director Erdem Konyar if Crawley Town were one of the interested parties and were looking to sign the 21 year old, he said: "Anything is possible."

Rodari would add to the list of locally-based players joining the Reds if he were to sign. Ashley Nadesan was already at the club but since then Yems has brought in James Tilley and Jordan Maguire-Drew, who both have ties to West Sussex.

Italia-born Rodari has been at Hastings United since 2017 and has been an intergal part to their success in recent times with his goals.