Junior sport in spotlight ... Felpham are cup winners

Felpham Colts under-11 boys have won another trophy.
Felpham Colts under-11s with their cupFelpham Colts under-11s with their cup
Felpham Colts under-11s with their cup

They are pictured with the Cedar League winter cup, having won all five of their games.

Why not follow their lead and show us how your junior football, rugby or hockey team has fared so far this season?

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You don't have to be cup winners - we are always open to seeing match reports, squad updates, pleas for new players and of course team pictures.

Sussex youngster dreaming of Crystal Palace chanceParks players and youngsters need help to play footballSend contributions to [email protected] - pictures should ideally be sent as jpegs of a decent-size resolution and reports should be no more than 200 words.

We'll publish your reports and picture here and in the Observer series.