MP urges league to keep tabs on Pompey owners

PORTSMOUTH North MP Penny Mordaunt says potential Pompey owners could have sanctions placed on them if they jeopardise the club's financial situation.

It comes as she held a conference call meeting with members of Pompey Supporters’ Trust and Football League officials yesterday.

Ms Mordaunt told The News the league authority can issue sanctions on club owners who do ‘something that would radically affect the club’s future viability, for example in initiating a large withdrawal of debt’.

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She said: ‘If someone had a large amount of debt owed to them in the club they would have to abide by a certain way of operating not to jeopardise the club’s financial position.

‘They would have to present a business plan to the Football League, who would have to agree to it.

‘It was a very positive exchange of information. I felt the league was helpful and is taking the trust seriously.’

She has followed up the meeting by sending a letter to the authority’s operating officer Andy Williamson.

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Ms Mordaunt said she will contact Pompey administrator Trevor Birch to publicise an expressions of interest document to make people more aware of the trust’s share scheme.

She said: ‘The trust has managed to mail several thousand people through the trust and the 12th Man campaign but that’s a fraction of the fan base out there.

‘They have had many pledges already and a considerable number of high value pledges as well.’