Southampton v Brighton: The key points from Chris Hughton's pre-match press conference

Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting PhotographyChris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Brighton boss Chris Hughton faced the press this afternoon ahead of the Seagulls' Premier League match at Southampton.

Here are the key points from the press conference.

Team news

"We're okay. A few have come back from injuries, so we're at different stages with some of them.

"(Florin) Andone will play in an under-23 game tomorrow night, so at the moment we're in good shape. Some are at different levels and some are closer than others but at the moment all of them are training, which is good."

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Could Andone be involved on Monday if he comes through tomorrow?

"We'll make a decision. He's been involved pre-season so he is not one who has been injured the whole pre-season period.

"He'll probably play 45 minutes tomorrow, possibly more, and then we'll make a decision after that."

Is he a player you're excited to see?

"Yes because we havent seen enough of him.

"We have other players that have come back late - Jahanbakhsh, who has been involved, Izquierdo, who was away on World Cup duty and has been back in training but hasn't been involved in a game.

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"What we wanted was to have as strong a squad as possible and as much competition as possible.

"The best way to have that is to have players fit and available.

"We're at a stage at the moment where we've got everybody fit to train at the minute."

Are you desperate to get Izquierdo back in the fold?

"Yes and that's not being unfair to those who have played but what we want is to have a strong team and squad as possible.

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"In the period of time he's been out, Solly March, who has played in that position, has done really well and has got stronger as the games have gone on.

"It's great to have that level of competition and that's what the players coming back from injury and getting back fit have been able to give us."

Is there more importance on Southampton, with Tottenham and Manchester City coming up afterwards?

"I'd like to think we look at every game as a game you can win.

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"There are of course different degrees of difficulty. When you're playing against a top six team, we all know how difficult they can be.

"I'd like to think our approach to every game is exactly the same. Southampton are on the back of a very good win in their last game and are a team I'm sure will be playing with a lot of confidence.

"What we can't do is underestimate the qualities they have got. They have got a very good squad and a very good team.

"We will have to play at the levels that we have done in the last three games to give ourselves a chance.

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"But every game we play in, we would like at as an opportunity to get something."

Can you take heart from the performance at Liverpool and do you need to improve away?

"The fact it was Liverpool. Personally I've been there at times where it's very difficult to get a result and you can be on the end of a big defeat if you don't get things right.

"Our reaction from the first game (at Watford) was good, going into the Manchester United game and we continued that.

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"Sometimes in those games, you need your Liverpools, your Tottenhams, your Manchester Citys, to not be at their best.

"There might have been an argument Liverpool weren't at their best in front of goal but I thought we were good on the day and that encourages me away from home.

"It's okay saying we were good at Liverpool and we were close to getting a result but when the next one comes around, which is on Monday night, we have to show we are looking to make progress away from home."

Was the Fulham draw a point gained?

"Mixed emotions. The fact we were at home, what goes around in your head a little bit is it was a chance to get a win under our belt.

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"With the way the game went, certainly we were grateful to get the draw in the end.

"In any game, particularly a Premier League game, if you are 2-0 down and come back from that to get a result, you have to look at it as more of a good result and a benefit."

Does it help not playing until Monday?

"We'll see Monday night, it feels a little bit strange I must admit.

"There is great value in the international break and the amount of work you are able to do.

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"We as a squad have grown and I like to think it's a better quality squad or the best quality squad we've had, which means you have got more internationals.

"We had eight away, which for us is big numbers so you expect and prepare for that.

"Having the extra two days feels a little bit strange and it feels a long time since we played.

"We will see on Monday night but it's exactly the same for a Southampton team who would have had the numbers we had or more away on international duty."

How impressed have you been with Murray this season?

"Hes been good but it's something we are used to.

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"Glenn goes about his business the right way, he knows what his strengths are and at his age he prepares and looks after himself as well as any professional. That gives him a chance.

"With Andone playing tomorrow, it gives us real good competition and I think that type of competition is good for all of our team, particularly our front players, and Glenn has benefitted from that."

What do you expect from Hughes' Southampton?

"I know the way his teams play. They play at a very high tempo and the only thing that has changed is the formation.

"In the first game he played a back three and in the last few games it's been 4-4-2 with the players they have got.

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"Their level of performance has been good, even the games they didn't win.

"They play very much on the front foot and they looks to play in the opposition's half. I would expect a high tempo game from them, particularly because they are at home.

"That's generally what you will see from one of Mark's sides.

"They have a lot of very good individuals in the team and what he's got at the moment is a very good team."

Will Danny Ings be a threat?

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"What Danny brings is what we always knew that he can bring.

"What's happened to him over the last couple of seasons is he's picked up a couple of big injuries but there's never been any doubt about the ability he's got, hence the reason why he went to Liverpool and hence the reason why Liverpool think so highly of him.

"For him, it's about getting his career back on track and getting as many games as he can.

"He's started the season really well and has started the season like a player who has missed games and is desperate to play. That makes him a very difficult opponent."