Sussex non-league football gives verdict on FA saying season's fixtures are over

Views on the 'curtailment' of the season are mixedViews on the 'curtailment' of the season are mixed
Views on the 'curtailment' of the season are mixed
The FA has said there will be no more league fixtures this season for non-league steps three to six - the second campaign in a row which has ended early.

They have not described it as null and void and have said a reorganisation of steps four to six is still being considered - though they have not explained how that might work.

Clubs and football figures and fans have been responding to news that the season is over. Responses included a mixture of disappointment and anger at the decision and support for what some said was inevitable.

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Here's a selection of views aired on Twitter and club websites:

Worthing FC: The FA have confirmed that the 2020/21 season has been curtailed with immediate effect for Steps 3 to 6, meaning that we will play no further league games this season. We still await confirmation on the final league standings and the league restructure.

Billy Wood (CEO, Hastings FC): After the vote, at this point with the amount of games played I understand the conclusion this time round. However the light in all of this could be a bit of common sense and the restructure by rewarding clubs across the pyramid.

Stuart Fuller (Lewes chairman): To explain the difference. Null and Void (season 19/20) is like clicking Don’t Save when closing a Word doc. Curtailing (season 20/21) means you click Save As. In reality it means the results from this season COULD be used as part of a decision-making process in the future...

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Whitehawk FC: Whilst it is naturally disappointing to have a second season curtailed early, as a club we agree with the decision to curtail the season and we voted as such. Following the roadmap out of Covid restrictions set out by the Government on Monday, we look forward to potentially welcoming fans back to The TerraPura Ground in the Summer and we are already in the process of planning events in which we can do this. Providing this roadmap goes as planned, we also look forward to a full 21/22 season starting with friendly matches in July 2021. Following the additional news in regards to the planned restructure, we await further information about how we may possibly may be affected.

Nigel Dyer (Storrington chairman): Got to say even a footy friendly comp of some sort will be hard to achieve now. Players have not done anything for so long, that would need a proper pre season to start playing again. Otherwise I can see numerous injuries which could affect players going into next season.

Clive Connell: The FA need to restructure themselves not the pyramid, really feel for @hastingsufc @Bexhill_United @EBFCTheSports

Steyning Town FC: Time for a round robin tournament with local clubs. The COVID cup. The winner keeps the trophy!

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Upper Beeding FC: Let’s see if SCFL propose anything, but we would definitely be interested in tournament whether it be ‘end of season’, Summer or part of an ‘extended pre season’ particularly if there were moves to bring forward start of next season to build in capacity for future lockdowns.

Willingdon AFC: If @midsussexleague is ended and no subsequent competition is put together we would be keen to discuss a 6-8 week tourney with any sides who are interested. We believe using this time to play is imperative given the extended period of time away, for everyone’s sanity!

Sidley United FC: We'd absolutely want to be at the forefront of discussing potential tournament ideas and how it could work.

Storrington FC: Football all cancelled from step 3 to 6 for this season. Wise decision if honest. Hopefully have a proper season next season. . Seems a restructure is on the way as well. Interesting to see what happens with that.

AFC Uckfield Town: It’s looking like the end of a challenging season. Thank you to supporters, sponsors and volunteers for your continued support. We’ll go again and await more news.