Leaked Littlehampton Golf Club letter says future is '˜at risk' after 12-year losses

The chairman of Littlehampton Golf Club said leadership '˜will work tirelessly' to protect its future after an internal letter was leaked stating the business was at risk of folding.

Littlehampton Golf Club, pictured on the Captains Day event
Littlehampton Golf Club, pictured on the Captains Day event

The Gazette was sent an internal review of the club’s finances, which was emailed to its members on July 18.

It stated that for the year ending March 31, the business made a loss of £38,000. The letter said losses had been incurred for the last 12 years totalling £325,000.

The same letter stated the club was budgeted to make a further loss of £46,000 in the current financial year, and it did not have the cash to pay its creditors, meaning the club was ‘insolvent, and consequently is at risk of being wound up’.

In response, John Harker, chairman of Littlehampton Golf Club, said: “Like many other leisure activities the backdrop for golf has become increasingly challenging in recent years.

“Membership numbers across the country have dropped as incomes are squeezed and with membership subscriptions as the main source of income, this has put a real strain on club models.

“After carefully reviewing our financial position, we have been open and transparent with members who have been naturally concerned but tremendously supportive.

“Our members and visitors love the golf club and there can be no doubt that this in turn contributes to the local community.

“We will work tirelessly to ensure that Littlehampton Golf Club continues its long history of success both now and into the future.”

The club was founded in 1889, and has hundreds of members.

Major improvements to the club’s practice facilities were approved at an Arun District Council development control committee meeting in March.

The letter said the plans, referred to as the Matthews Project, have been put on hold while the club tries to regain control over its finances.