Harty on the Albion and Rooney leaving United

GORDON Strachan exits Championship strugglers Middlesbrough and, in what appears to be only minutes, there is internet speculation that Albion’s Gus Poyet might be a managerial target for the Teesiders.

Nothing new at the Albion. Before he went to Leeds United in the summer of 1974, Brian Clough was reportedly tapped up by the Shah of Iran to go and manage out in the Gulf.

Moving nearer, clearly both Micky Adams in 2001 and Steve Coppell in 2003 were “poached” by then arguably bigger clubs, but, excuse the cliché, that was then and this is now.

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Every time a job comes up there will be the obligatory feeding frenzy by sections of the press and supporters, but with the way the Albion are playing at the moment and with Falmer on the horizon, there is no way, in my opinion, that Gus Poyet would even contemplate leaving the south coast.

The wrangles at Liverpool and Manchester United are testament to the fact of how damaging foreign owners with no real affinity to the club can be.

Poyet is no fool. He has a very rare footballing commodity in the fact that his club have a multi-millionaire owner, who actually supports the club, and has done all of his life.

As spartan as the facilities are at the Withdean, we will all look back on this as a golden time at the Albion – Falmer nearly here and the team riding high.

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Hopefully, this will equate to a home sell-out this Saturday against Yeovil. I say home sell-out because, unfortunately, there will be very few League One sides this year that will sell out their Withdean away allocation of 800 – something which, I’m sure, will be the complete opposite next season.

What’s that saying about you reap what you sow?

For all his success as a manager Sir Alex Ferguson has, in the eyes of many, ruled Old Trafford by fear – as I said, it’s been successful so you would never hear any of the Red Army complain.

But does this tyrannical rule border on bullying?

Former United boss Tommy Docherty certainly thinks so, but has Fergie finally met his “Waterloo” with the Wayne Rooney saga?

Countless managers now state that the players at the top of the game today are more powerful than either clubs or managers.

Is Rooney the classic example?

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Bookmakers probably wouldn’t have quoted odds three years ago of the likelihood of him moving across Manchester to City. But that could now be the big move of the January transfer window, and with it perhaps the beginning of the end for Fergie himself?

Make no bones, a Rooney-inspired Premiership win for City would be humiliating for Sir Alex, and something I doubt, in a footballing sense, he could ever truly get over.

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