Invictus Games gold medals for West Sussex man in Sydney

A former Royal Air Force gunner from West Sussex has won two gold medals at this year's Invictus Games in Sydney.

Mike Goody
Mike Goody

Mike Goody, who is competing as a swimmer, was injured in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2008 which left him with a compound fracture of his left ankle.

After two years of painful surgery and rehabilitation, he had his foot amputated.

So far in the competition, Mike, from Bognor, who has taken part in the multi-sport event on two previous occasions, has won gold in the 50m freestyle and backstroke finals, silver in the 100m Freestyle and Relay finals and bronze in the 50m breaststroke final.

Speaking on the BBC’s Invictus Games coverage back in 2016, after winning four gold medals in Florida, Mike said: “The idea of the Invictus Games is to get people motivated, whether it be us or other people, or other injured soldiers who haven’t come through yet.

“To be frank, if that message is going across it doesn’t matter if I podium or not, to be honest.

“When I am in the water I feel free. I am free with my thoughts as well, which helps my PTSD. I’m alone, the water rushing over my ears, it’ s a unique sound and for me that’s just heaven.”

The week-long 2018 Invictus Games concludes on Saturday (October 27).