Ladies and over-60s make it a knockout night for darts

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League’s over-60s and ladies knockouts were held at Aldwick Royal British Legion.

Ladies' winner Hayley Gatford with runner-up Paula Duckett
Ladies' winner Hayley Gatford with runner-up Paula Duckett

Twelve players turned up for the over-60s event and the first semi-final saw Richard Pennells (Old Barn) take on Derrick Longhurst (Wheatsheaf). A close game went to Longhurst.

The second semi-final saw Larry Chant (Chi Snooker D) face Tom O’Sullivan (Aldwick Legion B). O’Sullivan found it hard work against Chant, who took his place in the final.

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The final should have been a close match. The first leg was a close fight, with Chant having the first poke at the double, but he missed the bullseye for a 126 out-shot. This gave three-time former winner Longhurst the chance he needed at 99.

The second leg saw Chant get the better start, including a massive score of 160 to leave a chance at the double. Longhurst had left 170 and hit the treble 60 with his first dart, but could only leave 84 after his next two darts. Chant then hit his double to take it to the last leg.

The last leg saw Chant get the better start once again, but by the end of the leg both players were on the same double. With a score of eight to get, Chant got it to take the over-60s title.

Only five ladies turned up to take part in the ladies’ knockout and it was decided to play the knockout as a round-robin competition.

Competing were Emma Bist (Chi Snooker D), Shenagh Wickens (Richmond Rebels), Hayley Gatford (Hunston Club), Ellie Gostick (Richmond Rebels) and Paula Duckett (Richmond Rebels).

The initial games saw Gatford and Duckett win their first two games and the only game Duckett lost was to Gatford.

In one game Bist took out a leg with a 113 out-shot, but that wasn’t enough as Gatford and Duckett made it to the final to face off again.

The first leg saw a close start but the big push came from Gatford with scores of 120 and 80 to leave a double with her opponent far behind. With one dart on her next throw at double eight the leg was Gatford’s.

The second leg saw Gatford again get the better start, but two scores of 83 from Duckett gave her a fighting chance. It was too late, though, as Gatford hit 83 to leave 45 on her next throw, which she took out in three darts to take her fifth Benevolent ladies’ champion title.