Middleton's battle of the sexes is a colourful affair

Calypso shirts on the bowls green? What's going on? It was the inaugural '˜skirts versus shirts' challenge at Middleton Bowls Club, where the club's ladies went head to head against the men.

Middleton's shirts v skirts line-up
Middleton's shirts v skirts line-up

Playing in teams of three, the men won three games, lost one and drew one. Had they not won one game by the narrowest of margins, it would have been honours even. The ladies intend to exact their revenge next time.

Middleton 50 Storrington 44

In the more serious business of the C&M ladies league, Middleton chalked up their third win in a row.

Scores: Jane Nurse, Pam Leach, Rosemary Gregory, Pat Eccles won 33-19; Sandra Shere, Linda Hills, Ann Steventon, Mary Wootten lost 25-17. Middleton 4pts, Storrington 2pts.

Middleton 74 Cranleigh 82

It is unusual to have two tied games in a match but that is exactly what happened when Middleton entertained a touring side from Cranleigh. There could have been a third, had one visiting team not sneaked a winning shot on the last end. An entertaining and competitive match saw the visitors win by eight shots.

Scores: Chopsy Chapman, Angela Chandler, Terry Bridge drew 18-18; Peter Clark, Muriel Fox, Gary Steventon drew 15-15; Maureen Bravington, Rosemary Gregory, Jim Maher lost 15-11; Peter Hall, Valerie Maher, Bob Bravington lost 19-16; Roslyn Green, Pat Eccles, Andrew Nurse lost 15-14.


In their annual match at Portsmouth Gas Social, a very well-contested match resulted in a win for Fishbourne by four shots.

Scores: D Packham, D McTurk and B Wallsgrove(s) won 32-12, J Conway, M Beal and P Winter(s) won 17-16, I Roberts, W Cooper and T Bleach (s) won 17-11, S Lewis, T Gaffney and P Massey (s) lost 19-15, C Martin, A Marsh and B Cooper (s) lost 28-4, S Hill, G Summers and M Reed (s) won 16-11.

In a friendly against Southbourne there was a narrow win for Fishbourne by 45-44.

Scores: D Packham, A Saunders and T Bleach (s) lost 14-13, I Roberts, A Marsh and B Cooper (s) lost 18-12, W Cooper, G Summers and B Wallsgrove (s) won 20-12.

Away to Storrington in a four-triple fixture, Fishbourne lost by six shots.

Scores: W Cooper, B Pack and B Wallsgrove (s) won 24-11, S Lewis, M Beal and B Cooper (s) lost 7-26, A Payne, G Summers and K Hardman (s) won 17-16, B Payne, A Marsh and B Henham (s) lost 14-13.

In a Bognor Motors League match against Petworth, another close finish resulted in a win for Fishbourne by 32-30, earning five points for the overall win. In the friendly triple the honours went to Petworth .

Scores: J Conway, T Bleach and P Winter (s) drew 15-15, W Dean, B Henham and B Wallsgrove (s) won 17-15; (friendly): I Roberts, B Pack and T White lost 22-21.

Against Norfolk, Fishbourne lost 79-64.

Scores: B Payne, J Conway and T Bleach won 18-13, I Roberts D Packham and M Beal lost 21-9, A Payne, G Collins and D McTurk(s) lost 20-14, S Hill, A Marsh and G Summers(s) lost 15-14.

At home to Little Spain, the match was abandoned without a bowl bowled after torrential rain flooded the Fishbourne green.


Chichester 2 Hove & Kingsway 3

So near yet so far for Chichester in the fourth round of the national Top Club competition.

They had an excellent start winning the two-wood singles, but Hove & Kingsway levelled by taking the four-wood singles.

In a tense and exciting finish Chichester lost the triples by only one shot and the fours by just two shots to give Hove & Kingsway victory by three disciplines to two.

Chichester were three shots ahead in the pairs with two ends still to play.

Scores: Two Wood Singles: David Schofield won 13-8; Four Wood Singles: Peter Whale lost 21-8; Pairs: Kevin Ball and Clive Benham (skip) were leading 19-16 after 19 ends; Triples: Gerry Jackson, Tony Hardgrove and Mick Page (skip) lost 17-16; Fours: Peter Green, Les Etherington, Brian Talmage and Nick Anderson (skip) lost 15-13.

Chichester 40 Eastbourne 46

Although Chichester lost the Sussex area final of the National over-60s mixed double rink Tony Allcock Trophy away to Eastbourne by six shots, it was the last three ends that clinched the outcome.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Stuart Meyer, Betty Spicer and Brian Talmage (skip) won 22-20; Les Etherington, Bridget Collins, Wendy Adams and Derek Leach (skip) lost 26-18.

Chichester B 113 Aldingbourne 73

Chichester B secured the maximum ten points in their West Sussex League division-three match at home to Aldingbourne. Chichester had the better of a high-scoring game.

Scores: Terry Wiseman, Bob Manning, Cole Porter, Michael Hannant (skip) won 38-10; Tony Daines, Bernard Money, Nigel Dearman, Jim Davis (skip) won 25-19; Les Edmonds, John Walters, Keith Burt, Peter white (skip) won 26-21; Alan Deller, Joe Dyke, Peter Merritt, Chris Wade (skip) won 24-23.

Chichester B 73 Marine Gardens 79

In their West Sussex League division-three match away to Marine Gardens, the home side won by six shots, Chichester returning with four points.

Scores: Terry Wiseman, John Walters, Cole Porter, Michael Hannant (skip) won 27-10; Alan Deller, Les shipp, Peter Merritt, Chris Wade (skip) lost 31-9; Duncan Gray, Stuart Wilson, Keith Burt, Peter White (skip) won 25-11; Tony Daines, Bernard Money, Nigel Dearman, Mike Bayfield (skip) lost 27-12.

Arundel 94 Chichester 94

Chichester travelled to Arundel for a mixed friendly and forced a draw.

Scores: Bernard Hole, Alan Stewart, Keith Burt (skip) drew 11-11; Joe Dyke, Jean Hole, Mike Lewis (skip) won 22-17; Duncan Gray, John Walters, Cole Porter (skip) lost 18-10; Frances Downing, Bernard Money, Terry Wiseman (skip) won 16-14; Richard Smith, Stuart Wilson, Peter Merritt (skip) lost 20-13; Tony Daines, Les Shipp, Peter White (skip) won 22-14.

Chichester 47 Crablands 35

Playing at home to Crablands in the C&M League, Chichester won on one rink and lost on the other – taking four points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Lis Campling, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer beat Val Foyle, Melva Bateman, Sue Blyth and Cynthia Ruler 31-17; Maggie Maggs, Ronnie Pickering, Sue Miles & Denise Latter lost 18-16 to Chris Lewendon, Grace Humphreys, Mollie Back and Carol Bowles.

Chichester 49 Southwater 34

Chichester are through to the final of the County Double Rink after winning on both rinks against Southwater at Beach Park.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Debbie Hogg, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer won 23-12; Bridget Collins, Steph Baverstock, Sue Miles & Denise Latter won 26-22

Hotham 37 Chichester 27

Playing away to Hotham in the BM League, Chichester won on one rink but lost on the other, giving them just two points.

Scores: Frances Downing, Stuart Wilson & Terry Wiseman won 17-15; Debbie Hogg, Rosemary Manning & Stuart Meyer lost 22-10.


West Dean 61 Fittleworth 42

West Dean were the winners of this friendly. They lost on one rink, winning on the other two.

Scores: Chris Warrington, Peter Merritt [s] won 20-18; Pam Patterson, Bob Holman, John Butterworth [s] won 24-6; Ann Hiscock, Ian Morrison, Tony Boxall [s] lost 18-17.


Southbourne 110 Crablands 67

Southbourne had a splendid win at home against Crablands in WS League division one. Southbourne won on all four rinks and by 43 shots to earn ten points.

Scores: Mal Keane, Pete Garrard, Eddie Neuts & Robin Armstrong (s) beat Alan Blyth, Albert Humphreys, Mick Campbell and Les Jewiss 30-14; Pete Jasinski, John Staker, Jim Spivey & Paul Butler (s) beat Keith Palin, Mark Heasman, Tony Hanlon and Derek Adams 28-15; Richard Galloway, Colin Bulbeck, Dave Alner & Mark Soper (s) beat Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey 27-18; Dave Walter, Malcolm Ayres, Dave Fewell & Andy Smith (s) beat Alan Bateman, Jim Saunders, Tony Dade and Ian Ford 25-20.

Tarring Priory A v Southbourne

This WS League division-one match at Tarring Priory was abandoned after four ends because of heavy rain. Each team took five points.


In the C&M Ladies’ League, Crablands picked up six points at home to Norfolk with a 42-34 win.

Scores: Chris Lewendon, Grace Humphreys, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles won 24-18; Carole Cornwell, Melva Bateman, Sue Blyth and Cynthia Ruler won 18-16.

A BM League game at RAFA was claimed by the weather, each side taking three points.


Little Spain visit Pagham at Swansea Gardens but lost 82-63.

Scores: John Ballinger, Joan Spicer & Jim Lankshear (skip) lost 22-11 to J Mumford, B Mumford & G Conley (s); Chris Lankshear, Geoff Spicer & Iain Mayzes (s) lost 13-12 to Kay Ruffell, T Hayes & E Shine (s); Heather Sahraee, Chris Bond & Archie Coletta (s) won 14-13 against D Westcott, A Burrell & P Burrell (s); Geoff Tipper, Val Palmer & Bob Hughes (s) lost 20-14 to M Balchin, A Russ & R Hilder (s); Peter Latchford, Barbara Bond & Trevor Palmer (s) lost 14-12 to J Stocker, Kim Ruffell & S Stocker.

Members have been catching up on ties in club competitions.

In the semi-finals of the ladies and men’s singles events it was a case of the Palmers versus the Ballingers.

Val Palmer defeated Sylvia Ballinger and will look to win her fourth ladies’ singles title in the finals in August. Her husband Trevor had a comfortable victory over John Ballinger in the men’s singles and will be hot favourite to lift his fifth men’s title next month.

His opponent will be Peter Armsby or Jim Lankshear.

Armsby and Lankshear were men’s pairs partners who lost their quarter-final on the last end by one shot after fighting back to level from a seven shot deficit. Winners John Ballinger and John Thorp will meet Geoff Tipper and Alan Ranscombe in a semi-final.


Witterings 45 Norfolk 64

Scores (friendly): Lesley Thomas, Sue Dobson, Margaret and Maureen Mulligan (s) lost 22-20; Sheila Currell, Marion Corbett, Julie Mulligan and Barbara Newman (s) lost 18-12; Teresa Heathorn, Judy Bangs, Marina Aylward and Anne May (s) lost 24-13.

Witterings 37 Norfolk 36

Scores (friendly): Paul Chivers, Mike King, Glyn Dobson, Brian Barnes (skip) won 20-17; Ian Duncan, John Heathorn, Alan Somerville, Ray Stephens (skip ) lost 19-17.

Witterings 99 Maltravers 61

A good win on three rinks brought eight WS League points for Witterings.

Scores: Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan, Dave Bell (s) won 24-12; Colin Carter, Alan Somerville, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 37-10; Paul Chivers, David Gibbons, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 23-16; Ron Prior, Nige Miller, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 23-15.

Witterings 72 Maltravers 42

A decisive win for Witterings in this ladies’ friendly included Chris Horsley’s team gaining a hotshot.

Scores: Diane Leach, Marion Corbett, Val Hooker and Jan Derkatsch (s) won 25-10; Helen Mason, Maureen Mulligan, Julie Mulligan and Anne May (s) won 32-13; Sheila Currell, Ros Hanbury, Marina Aylward and Chris Horsley(s) lost 19-15.

Witterings 61 Aldingbourne 16

Another great win for the Wittering Ladies gave them six C&M League points.

Scores: Julie Mulligan, Judy Bangs, Jan Derkatsch and Anne May (s) won 29-8; Diane Leach, Ros Hanbury, Maureen Mulligan and Chris Horsley(s) won 32-8.


Bognor’s Hannah Down has reached the semi-final of the county unbadged singles.

bognor ladies played Pagham in division one of the C&M League winning on both rinks and scoring six points.

Scores: Hannah Down, Jean Spiers, Anne Parry, Barbara Reardon won 24-19; Jean Taylor, Lyn Carthew, Janet Whitfield, Margaret Phillips won 23-16.

Bognor B men’s team played Storrington at home and although they lost 85-82 they secured six points by winning on three rinks and losing only on one.

Scores: G Cook, P Phillips, R Robinson, J Blacow won 19-18; G Dunham, P Hasler, B Hey, T Rexstrew won 29-18; R Lincoln, G Kendall, N Hatfield, L Hall won 23-15; R Bobbett, B Stabler, K Graham, T Gaskin lost 34-11.


Wonersh A 53 Midhurst A 49

Midhurst visited Wonersh in the Three Counties League and lost overall by five shots.

Scores: Dot Berry, Anne Chuter & Gerald Dixon won 16-9; Malcolm Hutchings, Terry Berry & Paul Chuter drew 16-16; Catherine Dixon, Bob Butterfield & Dave King lost 29-17.

Haslemere B 44 Midhurst B 52

Midhurst B went back to Haslemere to complete a match that had been temporarily abandoned after the green was waterlogged.

They won on all three rinks by 23 shots and picked up a maximum five points.

Scores: Alan Ricketts, Howard Seymour & Phil Kingswell won 22-13; Stella Tait, Colin Downham & Roger Brindle won 23-14; Sue Ralph, Roy Ralph & Phil Wells won 22-17.

Rowledge 53 Midhurst B 53

Midhurst B visited Rowledge B and drew.

Scores: Sue Ralph, Roy Ralph & Phil Wells won 21-20; Richard Softly, Phil Kingswell & Stuart Largan won 18-16; Stella Tait, Colin Downham & Roger Brindle lost 17-14.

Rogate 59 Midhurst 49

In a friendly, Midhurst visited Rogate and lost by ten shots.

Scores: Gordon Knight, Stella Tait & Phil Kingswell won 20-17; Jack Jurado, Jack Lee & Bob Butterfield lost 17-14; Delphine Clark, Dot Berry & Terry Berry lost 25-15.

Midhurst 63 Hindhead 26

Midhurst entertained Hindhead and enjoyed their biggest win of the season by 37 shots.

Scores: Jack Jurado, Phil Kingswell & Terry Berry won 16-10; Richard Softly, Delphine Clark & Paul Chuter won 26-5; Stella Tait, Alan Ricketts & Anne Chuter won 21-11

Arundel 40 Midhurst 40

Midhurst visited Arundel for a match interupted by the weather.

Scores: Stella Tait, Anne Chuter & Phil Kingswell lost 9-8; Lilly Kingswell, Jean Adams & Phil Wells lost 14-4; Sue Ralph, Delphine Clark & Roy Ralph won 11-8; Joy Wells, Alan Ricketts & Malcolm Hutchings won 12-10.


Petworth had a busy week of matches. The BM League game against Middleton was lost 5-1, though Petworth won on the friendly rink.

A home friendly against Graffham was won well on all three rinks, but a men’s league match on the grass at Field Place against Goring Manor was lost 10-0.

Scores: v Middleton, away: Peter Miles, Kathy Williams and Mick Monk drew 20-20; Stan Enticknap, Angela Barker and Alan Potter lost 20-13; Carol Hall, Selwyn Hall and David Mustard won 18-13.

v Graffham, home: Carol Hall, Roger Lucking and Mick Booth won 24-13; Selwyn Hall, Barry Stanton and Bob Turner won 28-9; Jill Redmond, Bill Bryder and Nigel Flynn won 23-6.

v Goring Manor: Kevin Mitchell, Stan Enticknap, David Mustard and Bob Turner lost 22-20; Bill Bryder, Nigel Flynn, Mick Booth and Bob Murray lost 34-6; Peter Miles, Jim Dormer, Barry Stanton and Mick Monk lost 31-12; Selwyn Hall, Dan Butler, Jim Palmer and Alan Potter lost 20-14.

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