Racer Don ready to return after terrifying 100mph crash

Local rider Don Gilbert is preparing to get back onto his bike after an unlucky start to the year which saw him involved in a high speed crash at Brands Hatch.
Don in action and (below) after his crash at Brands HatchDon in action and (below) after his crash at Brands Hatch
Don in action and (below) after his crash at Brands Hatch

The 100mph plus smash in the Thundersport class of the British Championships set his Horsham-based C Red Racing Team back financially and caused major disruption to their season.

Fortunately Don, 22, escaped without serious injury, and having spent plenty of time and money completely rebuilding the bike, he feels back on track as he prepares to take on the Scarborough Road race this weekend.

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Former Forest School pupil Don said “It’s been a real struggle to pull through this terrible start to the year, when things like this happen, and our backs are against the wall it takes a lot to pick yourself up and strive to success.

“The opening round at Brands Hatch on the fourth lap, I made contact with another rider and came off second best at Paddock Hill, and probably crashed at over 100 mph. The bike was destroyed.”

With the team rebuilding the bike, the next opportunity to go racing is to race at Scarborough - a road race on closed public roads similar to the Isle of Man.

“We are hoping for some positive results, it’s my first road race and we’ve got some really strong competition such as Guy Martin, Michael Dunlop and many other top names, which I cannot wait for,” Don said.

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“We still aim to run in the British Championships for selected rounds this year, and we intend on completing the rest of the season with Thundersport.

“Since the winter rebuild and the crash has set us back, we still could do with a bit more financial support to give us the best equipment and compete with the top runners. I’m confident we will be strong and we have some very interesting opportunities in the pipeline.”

Don has thanked current sponsors QED property, Ravenol oil and lubricants, PHYX media, Preview and Inside 360.

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