GOLDEN YEARS: Son was in BMX picture

A MOTHER said she spotted her son in a picture of a group of BMX riders, published in the Herald and Gazette series.

Patricia Giles, 72, from Tarring, said she spotted her son, Graham Giles, in this pack of boys.

She said she did not know why the photo had been taken but remembered her son being a keen BMX enthusiast.

She said: “He spent most of his summer holidays in the BMX park in Shaftesbury Avenue.”

Patricia said her son Graham, who would have been around 12 years old at the time, had remained interested in bikes and skate-boards and now took his son to the skate board park in Homefield Park, Worthing.

Patricia added: “My sister was in amateur dramatics so I always look at the old photos in the Herald, and I was quite surprised. I thought ‘there’s Graham’.”

The photo appeared on the Golden Years page on March 15.

The caption for the picture said it was taken in 1984, though Patricia believes it was taken in 1985.

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