They last went bonkers for conkers at Uckfield RFC in 2019 / Pictures: Ron Hill

Let's hope we can go conkers bonkers again this year

Covid-19 put paid to the Uckfield RFC conker challenge in 2020 but everyone hopes it will be back this year.

Saturday, 6th March 2021, 9:00 am

Ron Hill was there to capture the fun and action in 2019 and said: “It took place before the Uckfield v Vigo match in October 2019. Excitement grew to fever pitch as people of all ages entered into the competition for a chance to win the Golden Conker and could not wait to get started.

“You were given your conker on a piece of string, then you and your opponent had three swings each at each other’s conker, taking it in turns, until one was smashed. Each game lasted five minutes. If neither conker was broken a shootout took place.

“Each player had three sets of three hits and the one who landed most clean hits was the winner.

“As with any game with a long tradition, conkers has an almost-equally-long tradition of cheating! Anybody caught cheating is frowned upon, even shunned, but a successful cheat is almost as lauded as a successful player.”

Mick Hall was the 2018 winner but after a tense set of matches and hits, Mick Fahey was the new winner for 2019 and was presented with the Golden Conker by URFC chairman Gordon Buckland.

Mick hopes to defend his title this year.

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