Ouse up for a regatta? Rowers join forces for great day on water

The River Ouse’s Rowing Community held a Head of the River Regatta. Lewes Rowing Club, Lewes Pilot Gig Club and Affinity Rowing Club competed and raised money for two charities, Limbpower and Invictus Foundation. Matt Coyne of Affinity Rowing Club reports...

Saturday, 11th September 2021, 9:45 am
The regatta as seen from above / Picture: Skyvisions

As a club it was our first Head of the Ouse and I don’t think our crew knew what to expect with the 10km+ row.

Then we were off in our first race together. This is where our Cox, Nikki, came into her own.

You could tell the concentration was there from the start. You could also see the determination bubbling below the surface that would see us through to the end.

Rowers enjoy the action / Picture: Martin Sinnock

About a third of the way through, I could see we were gaining on the boats who started ahead.

We were getting closer, then we had to wait to pass underneath Southease Bridge. With supporters cheering us on, we started to push through to the finish.

Nikki showed what could be achieved with a calm coxing demeanour, as we slipped into first place.

‘One more bend’ became our mantra, and before we knew it we’d finished. And we thought we’d won!

Rowers enjoy the action / Picture: Martin Sinnock

When the final results were announced, I celebrated with my friends the only way I could... with a raised glass of rum!

The welcome from our friends at Lewes Rowing Club was awesome – with cheering and cakes after an epic row.

As much as the row was an amazing experience and the win was truly epic, it was the coming together of an amazing group of people.