Penguins need a p-p-p-pick-up after Cherubs rout

Chichester started the new season with an eight-goal bonanza at Worthing.

They spent much of the first half camped in the Penguins' half but could not find the final pass.

The introduction of James Palmer led to the deadlock being broken, and they consolidated their position with two further goals from O'Dell.

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In the second half, Penguins tired under constant Chichester attacks.

Ben Palmer matched his brother's strike after Stephen Donaldson began the second-half rout.

Goals followed from Whittle, new captain Steely and Lowther to complete a perfect day for Chichester, with all the goals coming from open play.

CHICHESTER: Donaldson M, Trent, Gleeson T, Whittle, Gleeson J, Palmer B, Powell-Jones, Steely, Donaldson S, O'Dell, Lowther, Palmer B, Adams

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