Statement from Harry Kewell: "At no time did anyone have to hold me back - I apologise for any misunderstanding"

Harry KewellHarry Kewell
Harry Kewell
Harry Kewell has made a statement after yesterday's incident at Wycombe.

The manager said: "Let me start by saying, in my 20-plus year professional football career I have never lost control when it comes to fans.

"After our devastating loss to Wycombe yesterday I have been advised of some exaggerated comments on social media and news channels. I now want to set the record straight.

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"Whilst I did approach a disgruntled fan at full time, it was merely to hear his concerns. At no time did anyone need to hold me back.

"In hindsight I should have just gone straight to the changing rooms given that emotions were running high. I apologise for any misunderstanding.

"I believe that fans are the backbone of any club and I have always applauded their passion. I understand and share their frustration at this time.

"I have always been and remain intensely focussed on this team and changing the landscape of the last few years. I’ve really enjoyed the challenges of the past five months and look forward to a change in direction soon.

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"As I said after the game, we are a team and teams must stick together, this includes the fans."

Under-fire head coach Kewell confronted a group of disgruntled Crawley supporters after the final whistle of the 4-0 defeat to Wycombe Wanderers.

But Kewell said: "We've all got to stick together and fight. Everyone understands that this is going to be tough, it's not going to be a stroll in the park. My players, myself, the staff and the fans all have to be together as one."

Crawley Town face Exeter on Tuesday night.