WATCH: The moment a line judge is struck at a Chichester rugby match

Trouble erupted at a rugby match at Oaklands ParkTrouble erupted at a rugby match at Oaklands Park
Trouble erupted at a rugby match at Oaklands Park
Chichester Rugby Club bosses have shown they won't tolerate poor behaviour by taking swift action against a player involved in a flare-up with a line judge.

The footage, uploaded to Youtube, apparently shows an incident involving a touch judge and a Blues player, after a decision is debated. Chaos then breaks out, with players from both teams getting involved.

The incident happened near the end of last month’s game, which Chichester won 18-13.

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Dorking said of the incident on their website: “Sadly the game disintegrated at that point with an unfortunate and extraordinary incident that left the Dorking linesman on his back and overshadowed a much more promising second half with the Red & Whites hunting a draw or possible late victory.

“After the incident, which is now under investigation, the only card awarded was a harsh yellow for Dorking 7 Oli Edwards which left Dorking to play with 14 men for the rest of the game.”

Police were called to Oaklands Park but said both parties agreed to resolve the matter without further police involvement.

Chichester rugby officials have not yet commented.

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