Sign up for the Slam - join one of 69 teams in new Sussex cricket contest

Action in the Surrey Slam - the success of which has helped inspire the Sussex SlamAction in the Surrey Slam - the success of which has helped inspire the Sussex Slam
Action in the Surrey Slam - the success of which has helped inspire the Sussex Slam
The deadline for registering teams might have passed, but it’s not too late to get involved in an exciting new cricket contest coming to Sussex this summer.

Some 69 teams will play in the first ever Sussex Slam this summer – but there is still time to register to play in the Sussex Cricket Foundation’s ground-breaking new T20 tournament.

Designed to be fast, fun and convenient, the Slam is set to change the way cricket is played in our county, and teams from across Sussex will be aiming for glory when finals weekend is played at the 1st Central County Ground in September.

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All 69 teams entered are open for players, and you can register your interest at to be put in contact with your local team.

It’s an incredible number of teams which have signed up for the Sussex Slam, and Sussex Cricket territory manager Carl Tupper said: “After gathering insight from players in the county over a year ago, we discovered that people wanted more midweek, t20 cricket.

“We saw the Sussex Slam as a perfect vehicle to provide this for our players and we’re delighted with how it has captured the imagination of the recreational cricketers, pubs, businesses and clubs in Sussex.

“In addition, it will mean a return to cricket for a large number of people, who have stopped playing due to the length of weekend cricket. We have had more than 60 individual players register themselves to join teams in the Slam.

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“We’re delighted with the numbers so far, and we’re extremely excited that the Slam will result in 150 more games of cricket being played in Sussex this year.”

The Sussex Slam is perfect for anyone who struggles to commit to longer games on the weekend but still want to play the game they love in an organised competition.

A number of innovative playing regulations mean matches take no longer than two-and-a-half hours so they can easily be fitted in after work on summer evenings.

Recognising the increasingly busy lives we all live, Sussex Slam matches can be played at any time within a two-week window to give both sides the best chance of securing a pitch and getting a team together. On top of that, team and player administration can all be done on a mobile.

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Player eligibility rules, bowler over-limits and not-out retirements for batters will give every team a chance of victory and every player a chance of starring for their team.

Each side will also be guaranteed at least four or five matches, initially in a group stage in a competition that keeps fixtures as localised as possible all the way to finals day at Hove.

In line with the best professional T20 leagues around the world, every Sussex Slam team will also have a bold, unique identity, with team names ranging from Lindfield Swans to Peaky Glynders and the opportunity to have bespoke kits made for all players.

The Sussex Cricket Foundation is committed to providing the playing opportunities that meet players’ needs and the Sussex Slam is part of that. Don’t delay in finding your local team.