Stubbs bounces back as victory becomes Clear

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League’s divisional pairs knockouts were held at Newtown Social Club and had a slightly lower turnout compared to the past few years.

Andy Stubbs and Graham Clear were division-one pairs winners
Andy Stubbs and Graham Clear were division-one pairs winners

Twelve pairs stood up to the oche from division two.

The first semi-final saw Colin Ragless and Peter Green (Friary D) bow out to Simon Edwards and Michael Hoare (Aldwick Legion B).

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The second semi saw Rob Rice and Peter Atkins (Chi Snooker A) go out to former winners George Claridge and Dave Wingate (Friary D).

In the first leg of the final, Wingate scored two tons to move into the lead and wrapped up the leg with 82, which he took with treble 14 and double top.

Claridge got his pair off to a good start in the second leg and Wingate ended it again with single 12 and double 16 to see the duo crowned division-two champions.

A massive turnout of 28 pairs from division one turned up for a chance of glory.

In the first semi-final, Andy Stubbs and Graham Clear (Hunston Club) just about got the better of Simon McDougall and Larry Chant (Chi Snooker D).

The second semi-final saw Gary Blackwood and Lee Franklin (POW Z) take a spot in the final by beating their own team-mates, Colin Mace and Rob Collins.

The final started with Stubbs hitting a ton and Blackwood replying with his own. Stubbs hit double 16 to take the leg. Blackwood clinched the second leg with 36.

The last leg saw Stubbs – playing well despite twice falling from the stage – again start with a massive score, 137, but eventually Franklin had the chance to win it with double top, but all three darts were on the wrong side of the wire.

This gave Stubbs three darts for the leg, but he needed only two to take the division-one pairs title.

* The Old Barn team have moved to Jack’s Beer and Burger Joint Sports Bar in London Road, Bognor, and will now be called Jack’s Jokers.

Tuesday Double In Double Out Darts League

Week 12’s best game of the week was by Cliff Prior (POW Bognor) with 16 and 20 darts and a 27.83 average.

Results – Div 1 – Chi Snooker Club 9 Cabin 14; Jacks Jokers 7 Hunston Club 14; POW Bognor 17 Wiley Newtown 3; QE2 A 5 Neptune 14. Div 2 – Claremont 12 Richmond Raiders 10; Lamb Steyne 15 Friary 7; Wheatsheaf 11 QE2 Stiffs 10; Richmond A 9 BRSA Ravens 12.

Other stats – Div 1 – best game – Cliff Prior (POW Bognor) 16 & 20 darts [27.83 av]; Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) 22 & 28 darts [19.10 av]; Graham Clear (Hunston Club) 27 & 28 darts [18.22 av]. 180s: Gary Blackwood (POW Bognor) (2); Trish Kidd (Cabin); Chris Gatford (Hunston Club); Cliff Prior (POW Bognor). High in shots – Steve Aizlewood (Wiley Newtown SC) 160; Ashley Clements (Barny Army) 152; Rob Rice (Chi Snooker Club) 120; Gary Blackwood (POW Bognor) 120; Garry Pay (QE2 A) 110; Joe Osman (Cabin) 106

Richard Pennells (Barny Army) 104; Adey Nicholls (Chi Snooker Club) 101; Chris Gatford (Hunston Club) 100 (2); Pat O’Hara (Hunston Club) 100. High out shots – Alex Norgett (Wiley Newtown SC) 108; Steve Woodhouse (Cabin) 100. Div 2 – best game – Rob Collins (Wheatsheaf) 18 & 19 darts [26.92 av]; Nick Hales (Claremont) 19 & 29 darts [20.88 av]; Tim McCarthy (Richmond ‘A’) 27 & 35 darts [15.72 av]; Barry Foster (Lamb Steyne) 34 & 38 darts [13.82 av]. 180s: Barry Foster (Lamb Steyne). High in shots: Andy Whiteley (QE2 Stiffs) 160; Roger Hackett (Richmond Raiders) 128; Neil Conn (Lamb Steyne) 120; Chris Hills (Friary) 105; Andy Chant (BRSA Ravens) 103; Jack Danahar (QE2 Stiffs) 100; Wayne Wadsworth (Wheatsheaf) 100; Rob Collins (Wheatsheaf) 100.