Young bowler in limbo

CONTROVERSIAL bowler Stuart Holland has had his application to join Hastings-based White Rock Bowls Club turned down.

The 16-year-old hoped to make the switch east after Bexhill Bowling Club wouldn't allow him to renew his membership last month.

But the latest setback, which came despite "lots of members asking him (to join) and two of the top members had put their names down against his name (ie. proposer and seconder)" according to father Stuart, who now fears for his son's future in outdoor bowls.

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Stuart snr said: "Even that hasn't helped. We've been in touch with the EBA (English Bowls Association) and Tony Allcock suggested that Stuart appeal against the decision at Bexhill and then he can put in his bowling slips for next year (enabling him to compete in national competitions). He's already done it, saying he doesn't accept their reasons for refusing to renew his application.

"But I do very much (fear for his future in the sport). Unless this appeal works and he gets his name cleared he will have to pack in outdoor bowling."

White Rock secretary Simon Moore, who explained the situation via telephone immediately after the majority verdict was reached, said that "it was down to the White Rock committee and those reasons are confidential". He added that it is "more than likely", however, that Stuart's application would be reconsidered if he were to re-apply in the future - a possible permutation according to his father - because "nothing's cut and dry".