Acts wanted for 2022 Worthing Theatre Trail

Acts are being sought for this year’s Worthing Theatre Trail which will take place over the two weekends September 17 and 18 and September 24 and 25.

Gary and Sue Krost
Gary and Sue Krost

The trail is run by Gary and Sue Krost who set it up in 2018. They are now hoping to build on past successes as we all re-emerge from the pandemic.

"A variety of brilliant acts will take to the stage in a variety of local business venues to entertain the public... and all for free!”

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The idea is to support the performers, to support the venues and also to provide a fun end to the summer.

The idea is also to help put tough times behind us.

“Obviously we are trying to promote local actors, writers and directors post Covid restrictions as well as support local venues,” Gary said.

Gary has already got a number of venues lined up, but he is now looking for acts. He has got four confirmed so far but ideally would like around ten.

The idea is that people can see a number of different shows in a day at a number of different venues. Some of the shows will also play at different venues.

Gary is looking for shows that are between half an hour and an hour maximum long. They could be improv groups, solo performers or one-act plays. They just mustn’t exceed the hour mark. It will be a free event which means he is looking for acts who will perform for free, but they will probably be able to pass a hat around at the end of their performance if they wish to.

Anyone keen to take part in this year’s Worthing Theatre Trail should get in touch on [email protected]

Gary is offering the trail as the ideal way for performers to try out new shows as they develop them for larger venues and larger audiences. The hope is to provide a range of different kinds of shows as a late summer/early autumn treat across a range of Worthing locations.

He admits it’s tough finding the performers when you can’t actually pay them, but he is hoping sufficient performers will see the trail as a great opportunity to develop their work: “It is going to be mainly theatre pieces, and at the moment we are still recruiting.”