Busy February exhibitions programme in Worthing

February welcomes bright colour along with returning and new artists to Colonnade House in Worthing.
Melvyn - Life in Art (contributed pic)Melvyn - Life in Art (contributed pic)
Melvyn - Life in Art (contributed pic)

Spokeswoman Paula Tollett said: “Following on from the end of January we have Sarah Trowsdale’s work in progress exhibition. Explore the beauty of metal and glass in Steve Rickman and Kate Mercy’s collaborative exhibition. Up next we have Sara Cook sharing her experiments with natural dyes. We’re pleased to welcome John Biddulph to the gallery as he shares his father, Melvyn’s life work. Natalia Samarina is back for her second exhibition with us .”

Coming up: Sarah Trowsdale Work in Progress, January 30-February 4: “Sarah Trowsdale’s work begins with cultural and historical research which explores little- known women through history who have been physically engaged in warfare, rebellions or acts of aggression against oppressors.”

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Steve Rickman & Kate Mercy: Reflections in Metal & Glass, February 6-11: “With their shared love of materials, Steve Rickman and Kate Mercy have come together to collaborate on pieces that display the beauty of metal and glass when used together. Creating contrasting colours and the mixture of the hard and the fragile.”

Sara Cook: Work in Progress Exhibition, February 6-11: “Sara Cook’s work is inspired by the changing light on the landscape and is inspired by her research into Bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths. Sara is excited to be changing the way she colours her fabrics to only using natural dyes. In her work in progress exhibition, you will see the results of her experiments to dye her way around the colour wheel.”

Melvyn Biddulph: Life in Art, February 13-18: “A rare opportunity to view the extraordinary talent of this remarkable and much-l oved Artist’s Artist, who died one year ago. Melvyn’s son John has chosen a few of his favourite paintings for this exciting exhibition.”

Natalia Samarina: Light & Shadows, February 20-25: “Natalia Samarina is inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey in her exhibition Light & Shadows. This journey celebrates the wonders of nature, encouraging each observer to find their own connection with the world.”