Busy month of exhibitions and events at Worthing’s Colonnade House.

August will be a busy month of exhibitions and events at Worthing’s Colonnade House.

Eclectic Mix by Michele Morrod
Eclectic Mix by Michele Morrod

Spokesman David Abu said: “Get ready to explore the wealth of local creative talent at Colonnade House that we’ve still got coming up.

“In August, Tom Boulton from typetom.com is transforming the gallery into his print workshop again, and you’ll find an interactive display between dinosaurs and trippy photographic art from Ed Watts. Next up will be a joint exhibition by Dee Rose and Mel Elston-Mendones, paired with new and old artwork in Michele Morrod’s solo exhibition and Glenn Phur’s portrait paints for your home wrapping up the month.”

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    Tom Boulton: LETTERPRESS NOW! August 2-6: “ Watch the Colonnade House gallery be transformed into Tom Boulton’s print workshop for the second time since 2018 in an exhibition showcasing a more recent collection of his experimental typographic letterpress prints and products. Book onto one of Tom’s interactive letterpress workshops, with dates available across the week.”

    Ed Watts: Adventures in Invisible Light & Dippy the Dino Show-osaurus, August 9-14: “ Not one, but two showcases are taking place in Ed Watts’ exhibition at Colonnade House. Explore Ed’s devotion to the Cyanotype photography process which he’s combined with beautiful views and interesting objects discovered among his many treks across the South Downs. Having been able to gaze at his encapsulating photography will allow you to have some playful fun seeing Dippy the Dino in his adventures across Worthing and beyond.”

    Dee Rose & Mel Elston-Mendones: DMs, August 16-21: “Experience an explosion of colour in this joint exhibition between textile-based artist Dee Rose and intuitive painter Mel Elston-Mendones. Witnessing artwork from dedicated upcycler Dee, who has been creating art using materials collected over the past couple of years, combined with Mel’s intuitive focus on imagination while painting with his eyes closed will be sure to leave you intrigued for more.”

    Michele Morrod: Eclectic Mix, August 16-21: “ With years of experience in graphic design and now retired, working at her garden studio, Michele Morrod is using a wide range of artistic mediums in her return to Colonnade. She uses colour inspired by the structure of natural forms and oriental themes like ceramics, textiles & Geishas as her starting point, utilising digital art, painting, collage and many more in her eclectic mix.”

    Glenn Phur: Art for your Home – Art for your Heart, Aug 23-Sept 4: “Studio member Glenn Phur is showcasing portrait paintings designed specifically to fit anywhere in the comfort of your home. In some of his recent work he has been working on a collection titled Little Red Boat, featuring playful characters and illustrative storytelling.”

    Colonnade House, 47 Warwick Street, Worthing, colonnadehouse.co.uk